When can you get Larvitar in Soulsilver?

They max out at level 20 on Mt. Silver and would learn Thrash at 23, so the self-confuse isn’t an obstacle. You have to have access to the second group of areas for the safarizone, and go to the mountain area. You will know that you have access to this area if the Safarizone warden asks you to catch a sandshrew.

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Can you get tyranitar in Soulsilver?

You can get a tyranitar as soon as you can go to the safari zone and catch a larvitar. They are available there automatically but they are rare. Otherwise you have to wait till after you get all 16 badges and can go to Mt. Silver for a Tyranitar.

Can you get Mewtwo in Soulsilver?

Mewtwo is in Cerulean Cave. Got get there head out of Cerulean city via the Route 24 bridge and hang an immediate left. Then Surf off the grass Southwards to the cave entrance. Surf to the right and go around to another patch of water and Surf on that and take the first right and you’ll end up at Mewtwo.

How do you get Larvitar in the Safari Zone in soul silver?

Other Answers

Catching Pokemon in the Safari Zone is all about persistence. Mud – Increases both the chance you will catch the Pokemon and the chance it will run. Throw safari balls but if you can go to mtn.silver that would be your best chance of catching larvitar.

Where can I find Larvitar in silver?

1 Answer. The only place it’s ever available in the game is the interior of Mt. Silver, at a far lower level than any other wild Pokemon you run into there, and you can’t get much later in the game than that.

How do you get tyranitar in silver?

The pseudo legendary of Pokemon Gold and Silver, Tyranitar, can deal more damage than just about every other Pokemon in the game. Sadly, the only way to get this Pokemon is by catching Larvitar at Mt. Silver after getting the 16 badges from both Johto and Kanto. There is a reason this Pokemon is so rare, though.

Is tyranitar worth using?

Tyranitar is deffinetly worth it. Not only is it a strong Pokemon, but its move set is pretty awesome too. If you train your tyranitar past level 70, I’m sure it would be a deadly Pokemon.

Is steelix good in Hgss?

Steelix is overall better, it’s a Steel/Ground type so Grass and water won’t be nearly as effective against it. It can also learn ground type moves which can help a lot with Electric types. Plus, if you want Jasmine’s Steelix, you can trade ANY pokemon for it.

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Can you breed Garchomp with ditto?

Answer Gible They can, however, be bred with a Ditto to produce a Phione.


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