Yes due to the fact that you deserve to get 4 watches the you exchange because that rings, yet there is the problemof the fact that all the residences you own have the add one charm every day for this reason maybe, or maybenot,... Undecided

Every time ns go in to fight it says i escaped the fight as soon as i was trying to go in and also itwill not let me continue to be in!! any type of answers?

No cuz you cant have much more then 1 wife and also you already get 1 charm or then continue to be in dif,houses sooo... More than likely not

You can however you can"tYou can:you marry say kate and also tiff then you live in 2 various places at one timeBut you cant: if friend marry say every 4 woman (kate, tiff, devin and victoria ps vic in the4th component of the land you simply need a ring come marry her) they would all live in 2 locations atone timeSoo...

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Once you start a connection with any kind of of the girls you room able come marry, you cannot findany the the various other ones. Ns cannot uncover tiffany or devin in their locations after marryingkate, and also the wikis to speak you can"t discover them after beginning one girl"s search line. So, ifyou carry out something as tiny as try to flirt with among the girls, that starts theirmerital path, make it difficult to find any kind of others.



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