Hello, i’m trying come get ago to Stormwind and have no proviso how. This is just my 2nd day playing. I’m level 18 so i’m unable to paris from what ns understand. Is there prefer a fast travel equivalent in WoW? Also, I have a bunch of other questions favor this one for this reason if who wouldn’t psychic chatting v me ~ above discord I’d appreciate that. Ns don’t wanna acquire discouraged by this game with basic little things. Thank you!


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Depends on where you room at the moment. Because it's your very first time playing, I'm guessing you space questing through Kul Tiras. To acquire to Stormwind native there, you have to get ago to Boralus and head come the portal room, i beg your pardon is simply upstairs indigenous the harbormasters office (the room wherein Taelia said you around the zones of Kul Tiras). Simply head the end the door on the second floor that the office and also enter the room to your left. Hover over come the portal to view where it leads

The indistinguishable is your hearthstone. You can choose one location at a time to teleport to, for this reason you might want to tie it to the in in stormwind. Part classes have a teleport to various locations (mages can go come sw) and later in the video game the significant cities will have actually portals to sw so you have the right to hearth there.

In about 2 level (level 20) friend should have the ability to get the Stormwind teleport spell from the mage portal trainer. After that - If you’re optimal rep through your guild you can buy cloaks to move you ago as well.... However that’s in Stormwind from the guild merchant (talk come a security in town for direction)

I’m really brand-new too and also I do the inn in Storm wind mine home and also my hearthstone take away me earlier there. Getting around everywhere is really an overwhelming so I know what you’re walk through.

Just fyi look at into gaining a Dalaran hearth rock and garrison hearthstone by doing the intro search to those expansions (legion & Draenor). Portals because that days

If anyone reading this needs aid on alliance or horde; include pholotix#1640 on battletag, ns can provide you tips/tricks and also fly you approximately on a 2 seater if I’m not busy.

It’s so beautiful seeing people fully lost in wow, it’s been a lengthy time since I’ve seen this what a bliss to see

It yes, really is the best experience, maybe my best game experience ever: experimenting WoW, discovering new places in the older area for the an initial time. Therefore cool to have no idea what you will discover.

this is the cutest noob question of all the noob concerns I've review ....when I very first started play WoW a friend looked at my gear and also everything was red ... Ns didn't realise you had to repair your amour .. I also didn't realise you can eat food to heal .. I passed away a lot

I didn't know you could repair. I vividly mental a little shack external of Brill wherein I would rebuy all my armor as soon as it go bad.

Welcome come the Azeroth! i think anyone answered your question, so i just came to say Don’t acquire discouraged. This is the perfect time for someone to begin playing the game. Don’t get too recorded up top top playing points “right”, just emphasis on having fun. The top tier meta stuff deserve to come later on if that’s something you desire to obtain into. Have fun. Mage is a solid class. Have fun. Don’t spend all your gold ~ above the auction house. Have fun.

Actually I have actually a question, carry out you know if there is one auction home in Dalaran? I have actually two searches that call for an auction house.

flight routes are pretty lot the fastest method until friend can acquire other items or flying. Click your search symbol at the peak right of your screen and collection it to show flight route points on your map then take one back to sw . Additionally you can set your hearth rock in a inn in sw.

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I’m in the eastern Kingdom currently at SW. I have actually absolutely no clue just how to get to Hillsbrand Foothills to execute a couple big quests. Any type of suggestions?


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