What started as a small addition in the original Destiny has transformed right into a massive element of Destiny 2. Ns am, the course, talking around clan functionality. Clans in Destiny 2 enable dozens of gamers to join together under a banner, fight because that a typical cause, and earn amazing loot. But before that happens, girlfriend will need to know just how to invite people to a clan!

How come Invite human being to Clan in Destiny

Inviting brand-new players into your clan isn’t as straight-forward as you would certainly think, it’s actually a bit involved. The an initial thing you must do in order come invite another player to your clan is come ensure you’re either the Founder (the human being who make the clan) or one Admin the the clan. If you aren’t either of these roles, girlfriend won’t be able to directly invite who else, so ask the Founder or Admin to execute it because that you.

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In the occasion you have actually permission come invite other players, friend will need to include them together a friend prior to you have the right to send lock a clan invite. To do this, you will need to locate them in-game (either v your Fireteam or see them in the Tower/Farm), inspect them, and from the menu, invite them to the clan.


Alternatively, any player can request to join your clan through the in-game interface or by complying with a direct connect to the Bungie.net clan page. Sending out someone a link requires being able to speak to them outside of the game, either through mobile or part chat-client choose Facebook or Discord.

To send one more player a link, log right into your Bungie.net account and, using the top menu, click or highlight “Clan” and also select “My Clan”. Copy the URL and also send that along to the various other player. Once they receive it, castle will need to request to join the clan. At this point, the clan Founder or Admin will require to provide the other player’s request to join, depending on the clan’s permission settings.

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Unfortunately it’s no as directly forward together it might be, through a the majority of the options locked far on the Bungie.net site. However, if you desire a far better chance at reaching the higher clan levels, you’ll desire to obtain as many human being invited to her Destiny 2 clan as possible!

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