The answer for automotive spark plugs is no through a common battery. But with a 9v battery by stepping increase the current using a ignition coil (which ramps the up thousands of volts) climate you will have the ability to use a spark plug....Only thing with that though is the your battery (9v) won"t critical long, as its "Juice" will be all gone in a few shots. Hope this made feeling :) simply tell me if not....

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You could make a spark though v your normal daily disposable camera....Something prefer this:

P.S: If you provided a larger battery (more volts) then you would have much more juice :)

Capacitors themselves can"t step up voltages beyond doubling or inverting, to carry out anything else you need inductors. As mentioned previously, automobiles use ignition coils, a transformer (inductors) in an autotransformer configuration favor so:


Image from "How to use an Ignition Coil "

Another possibility, despite there room some problems with it, would be to just open increase a circuit v some large inductance in it, i m sorry will cause high voltages (and sparks) across high resistances (e.g. A spark gap).

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To execute this, you"d require some switch that had a voltage rating much higher than your spark gap, which might be an overwhelming to find.

From what I"ve heard though, pneumatic waiting cannons are much more controllable, and even better, they have the right to be motivated using sprinkler valves which occupational at around 24 V (I usage (3) 9 V batteries)

Here"s what i did, I put a spark plug in the end of the spud gun, disassembled a $10 ebay stun gun. Soldered wires come the "legs" used the wire leads to the spark plug (one come casing floor metal and one come the finish of the plug) press button and also viola!! a few second spark!! most of this stun firearms are rechargeable also so no moving batterys!! One note of advice though an extensive use that the wire will cause burn spots and eventually bring about a brief so use wire rated for spark plug use not some cheap speaker wire form stuff.

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