The ability to properly pass the rugby ball, making use of a variety of passes, is a core skill that needs to be enforcement well.

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As a an essential rugby skill, happen is mastered with repetition that the suitable passing techniques. 

It is claimed that to be considered excellent in ~ something, you should practice it for ten thousand hours. Whilst that might be the situation with happen a rugby ball, practicing one incorrect method is a disbenefit the becomes hard to undo. 

To leveling the coaching of happen a rugby ball, us break the ability of passing into four basic variations:

Basic passSpin pass Pop passScrumhalf / fifty percent back pass

Here are a couple of general pass tips, the are often lacking at every levels of the game, not simply at a small level. Numerous of the complying with passing tips focus on the receiver and also the passer, so finest to see them as general catch and pass tips.

Teach this to her junior rugby players from the outset, therefore they deserve to master them end time: 

the receiver requirements to offer the passer a target by placing their hands at chest levelthe passer have to aim the pass at the receivers hand (chest level), contempt ahead of the receiverthe pass need to not walk forwardthe receiver should interact to the passer that he is in a (good) position to get a passthe distance in between the receiver and also the passer must be based on how far the round carrier can accurately pass the ball – accuracy is the most essential factor, no distancethe ball should be gripped steady by the passer – a more comprehensive grip enables much better power and controllearn to happen both wayslearn to pass the exact same way, off both legs, under pressureteach football player to happen softly and also with pace, relying on the instance and form of passall football player now require to have the ability to make a halfback / scrumhalf type of passa successful pass requires balanced legs and hips, the hips need to be opened towards the receiver allowing the passer to press his hands through to finish at the target (see video below)

Over the next few weeks, we will certainly publish additional coaching advice on to run lines, i beg your pardon is a key free skill to catch and also pass.

We recommend you watch the following quick video, held by Dave Rennie. It provides a very great overview the the core skills required to execute wonderful catch and also pass. 

The simple pass must be coached first. We recommend you master the straightforward pass prior to your players discover the much more advanced passing options, such as the torpedo pass.

The basic pass is most frequently used through a flick the the hands to happen the ball. That is more than likely the most used kind of pass with Rugby league (see video clip below).

Start by stop the rugby ball in two hands through your finger spread across the seams, with your chest facing forward. Keep your elbow slightly bent in ~ the start of the pass, looking in ~ the receiver to help you deliver an exact pass. Swing her hands through an arc, maintaining your elbows close to your body.

Release the ball with a flick that the wrists and also fingers. Follow through with her fingers pointing to the target – chest high in prior of the receiver.

Watch the following video for a visual overview on exactly how to make a an easy pass.

The dive pass.

The scrumhalf (AKA halfback in brand-new Zealand) most often passes the round from collection piece theatre such as at lineout and also scrum. However, the rapid paced nature of the modern game requires all football player to be able to make a long, spiral happen from the base of a ruck. 

The Dive Pass

The dive happen is seldom offered these days, together it the scrumhalf ends up top top his / her stomach, which slows him under from getting to the following play.

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The key difference between the typical scrumhalf pass and also the dive happen is the dive pass involves the player diving when passing the sphere to his teammate.