SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO)– News request our on facebook followers to tell us what words human being from outside the area typically mispronounce. These words room often component of a debate in between locals and also visitors around which method is correct.

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Below us share several of the responses through the correct pronunciation.

The city of Pierre

Although it’s the capital city, a the majority of outsiders may not know just how to speak the name correctly. Words Pierre is not pronounced as it looks, i m sorry is confusing. If you could initially want to pronounce it like the French name, the exactly pronunciation is actually “Peer”, favor a pier girlfriend fish off of.

Vienna, S.D.

One of the smaller sized towns in south Dakota, Vienna was called to you re welcome a team of Austrian inhabitants from Vienna, according to the federal Writers’ Project. The city name is pronounce “Vy-Enna,” fairly than “Vee-Anna.”


The name Minnesota actually come from the Dakota Sioux. The state is named after the Minnesota River. “Mni” is the Dakota word because that water and also the Dakota indigenous “Sota” has some debate; some say it means “sky-tinted”, while others say it way “cloudy”

People indigenous the state might say the name v a attracted out O, like “MinnesOta.” However, plenty of South Dakotans pronounce it through a attracted out A instead, like “MinnesotA.”

Belle Fourche

Belle Fourche (bel-FOOSH) was called after the French word because that beautiful fork. It was named by French explorers as soon as the area was owned through France. Although locals contact it by the French pronunciation, some outsiders often tend to express the R, making that “bel-FOUR-sh.”


Groton was created by the railroad in 1881 and was named after one of the brand-new England towns familiar to the railroad officials. The exactly pronunciation of this southern Dakota city is “Grow-ton,” yet some out-of-towners have the right to be caught calling it “Gra-ton.”


Beresford was originally recognized as Paris, but the surname was changed in 1884 come Beresford (“Beers-ford”) as soon as the north Western railroad was built. The name was readjusted in honor of Admiral mr Charles Beresford of England, that was financially invest in the railroad.

This word has actually a unique spelling and some may be recording themselves calling the “Bears-ford.”


Onida is a smaller sized town in Sully county and was resolved in 1883 by former residents of brand-new York State. The surname is a change of Oneida, brand-new York.

Locals pronounce this town as “o-ny-da”, however sometimes you have the right to hear people mispronouncing it as “oh-nay-da.”


It is believed that the city of Platte’s name may have come native a sports of the name Pratte after ~ Bernard Pratte the St.

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Louis, who was a brother-in-law to Pierre Chouteau, Jr., a early-day hair trader in central South Dakota.

While many human being in the area think that the name is obviously express “Pa-lat” some civilization may try to pronounce it “Pa-late.”