This post intends to phone call you how to finish the Gateway laptop difficult drive upgrade action by step. The AOMEI Partition Assistant software program helps update or change Gateway laptop tough drive there is no reinstalling windows 10, 8, 7.

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When it pertains to the factors behind upgrading Gateway laptop difficult drive, the most apparent one could be the existing hard journey is failing and also needs a replacement (like the user case). Secondly, the current hard drive is dying the end of storage, and also you desire to upgrade it to a larger difficult disk to increase the decaying capacity. Thirdly, if the Gateway laptop tough drive is a traditional hard disk drive (HDD), upgrading it to an SSD can help speed increase the laptop significantly. No issue what’s the reason, the most vital is just how to accomplish that.


Best tool for Gateway laptop difficult drive upgrade

To upgrade laptop tough drive, you can straight remove the old one, download the brand-new hard drive, then reinstall windows OS and also programs native scratch. However it is not just time-consuming but also complicated. So, is over there an easier means to perform Gateway laptop tough drive upgrade without reinstalling Windows? Sure, you deserve to transfer every data (including windows OS and also other apps) from the old difficult drive come the new one through cloning the hard disk. That can produce a 1-to-1 copy of one HDD or SSD, not simply its files, therefore the copy OS and programs are also valid and bootable.

So, what\"s the best disk clone tool for upgrading Gateway laptop tough drive? among countless tough drive cloning utilities, AOMEI Partition Assistant skilled is an outstanding choice. This software deserve to work with Windows 10/8/7 and also Windows XP/Vista (32-bit and 64-bit), and provides two different disk clone methods:

①Clone decaying Quickly: clone only used room from source disk to destination disk, through which you deserve to clone huge disk to smaller disk as long as its totally free space is bigger than the used room of source disk.②Sector-by-Sector Clone: clone both used and unused room from resource disk to destination disk. So the location disk have to be bigger than the resource disk.

Steps to upgrade Gateway laptop difficult drive

Now, you deserve to download AOMEI Partition Assistant Demo version and also check the end the listed below tutorial to carry out Gateway laptop difficult drive replacement or upgrade.

Before you do:◆Backup your device in case that part uncontrollable issues (such as power failure) occur during the cloning process.◆Clean increase your source and destination disk. Uninstall unnecessary program or records that friend don\"t want to carry to the location disk. Simultaneously, move big folders that don’t should be preserved on the location disk to do enough room for cloning.◆Physically connect the destination disk. If that is an SSD drive, friend can affix it to the USB-to-SATA adapter, and also then attach it to your laptop with the USB cable.◆Check out the partition format (MBR or GPT) the the source and location disk. If you don’t desire to change boot mode (Legacy BIOS and also UEFI) ~ clone, you had better convert the location disk to MBR or GPT (same as the source disk).

Step 1. Click “All Tools” and also then “Disk Clone Wizard”.


Step 2. Pick a proper disk clone an approach and click “Next”.


Step 3. Select the resource disk on your Gateway and also click “Next”.


Step 4. Pick the location disk and click “Next”.


Note: you need to tick the \"Optimize the performance of SSD\" option when your location disk is one SSD drive. This provides sure the sectors are aligned on her SSD and also improves SSD reading and also writing speed.

Step 5. Now you can edit partition size on the location disk together you need if you pick the “Clone disk Quickly”.


Step 6. Girlfriend will get a boot note on just how to boot from the cloned tough disk. Check out it and click “Finish”.


Step 7. In the key interface, click “Apply” and “Proceed” come commit the pending operation.


This procedure will it is in performed under the PreOS setting when it entails the operation system. If you just want come clone OS connected partition, you have the right to use “Migrate OS come SSD” function instead. After the clone is finished, you have the right to take the following steps to remove the Gateway laptop hard drive, download the cloned disk and also boot from it.

1. Remove the screws securing the difficult drive cover to the base. Pry the difficult drive covering off with a spudger.

2. Pull the tough drive caddy tab to the right. Lift the old journey up about 30 or 45 degrees and pull it out.

3. In that is place, install the location disk and put the earlier panel on.


When you download the location hard decaying on your Gateway laptop, restart the laptop and also it will certainly boot indigenous the cloned hard drive. If not, you can check if you have actually chosen the best boot mode, specifically when you room cloning MBR tough drive to GPT or cloning GPT to MBR.

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This is the thorough instruction because that Gateway laptop hard drive upgrade in home windows 10, 8, 7. Except disk clone feature, this software program is additionally able come clone a solitary partition, convert dynamic disk to straightforward one there is no deleting partitions, allocate cost-free space native one partition to another one, etc. If her Gateway laptop is running windows Server operating system, switch to AOMEI Partition Assistant Server, please.