There constantly seems to it is in a lot of questions that arise when it involves vinyl window frames. As soon as it concerns painting vinyl home window trim and getting the old repaint off, there are few steps come take. You’re not going to desire to repaint right over old paint either since that can lead to troubles down the line. We’re here to give you every the details the can help to prize this question.

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Let’s destruction right right into all info you have to know about how to remove old repaint from vinyl window frames!

The answer to this inquiry depends top top what her exterior window trim is make of. Also, what it was painted through previously likewise makes a difference. You have the right to paint home window trim, but you want to be mindful what type of paint you use, especially in regards come exterior vinyl window trim.


If you have actually vinyl siding on the exterior of your home, you’ll desire to use a paint that is compatible v vinyl. Because vinyl broadens so often, it’s necessary to use an acrylic or latex paint. Acrylic appears to be among the most common paints supplied on exterior surfaces. Because of the durability and long lasting results – acrylic or latex repaint is a an excellent option because that your window trims do of vinyl.

You’re walk to want some tools and also other comfortable items before you obtain started on removing old paint from vinyl windows. If you setup on painting your vinyl home windows after remove the old paint, you’re likewise going to need to get some acrylic or latex repaint for this task.


● Putty knife● paint stripper or remover● Soap● Rag● Sponge● Gloves● Goggles● (Optional) Painter’s tape● (Optional) Acrylic or Latex paint

Firstly, you’re going to desire to shot and soften the old repaint that’s on your vinyl window frames. You deserve to do this by taking a rag and also a small warm water (and soap, if needed) and gently rubbing it across your vinyl window frames. If the rag and warm water doesn’t seem to be acquiring the project done, you can use a sponge. It could possess some much more of the grittiness that is needed.

Then you deserve to go in with your putty knife or scraper and try to gently scrape the paint off. It’s crucial to apply just a tiny amount that pressure since you’re right on her vinyl window frame. If you walk smoothly and also lightly in simply one direction with your scraper, it’s likely not to damages the vinyl home window frame or her windows. An extremely minimal disruption come the windows and also the frames as a totality is what you’re trying to find here. It’s critical part of just how to get old repaint from vinyl windows.

As a critical resort, you might have to get out some paint stripper or remover in order come properly obtain the paint off her vinyl window frames. A repaint stripper choose Klean strip will carry out the job just fine. This is for sure where you desire to obtain out her gloves to safeguard your hands. You might want come wear a pair of security goggles and paint stripper is rather potent.

This is once you really carefully apply the paint stripper to your vinyl window frames. You have the right to use one of two people a little paint brush or a rag. You’ll want to follow the instructions set out, yet they normally involve application then wait a few minutes. After you’ve waited the proper amount that time, simply wipe off any remaining paint. From there, offer the area a good wash through soap and water again. Through then her vinyl home window frames must be bare and you deserve to think about a fresh brand-new paint job!

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