The filler neck because that the fuel tank falls short if over there is exterior damage on the neck or if one error code shows that vapors room present.

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Step 2: determine if the fuel filler neck is leaking vapors. If the fuel filler neck leaks vapors out, the engine monitoring system records this.

Sensors sniff for vapors and also make the engine light come on once vapors are present. Some typical engine light codes related to fuel vapors close to the fuel filler neck room as follows:

P0093, P0094, P0442, P0455

Part 2 of 5: replacing the fuel filler neck

Materials Needed

Allen wrench setBoxed end wrenchesBreaker barDrip panFlash lightFlathead screwdriverFloor jackFuel resistant glovesJack standsNeedle nose plyersProtective clothingRatchet through metric and standard socketsTorque bit setTransmission jackSafety glassesWheel chocks

Step 1: Park your auto on a flat, tough surface. Make certain that the infection isin park (for automatics) or in first gear (for manuals).

Step 2: location wheel chocks roughly the tires. In this case, the wheel chocks will certainly be around the former tires because the rear of the vehicle will it is in lifted up.

Engage the parking brake to the lock the behind tires indigenous moving.

Step 3: download a ripe volt battery saver into your tobacco lighter. This will certainly keepyour computer system live and keep your setting current in the vehicle.

If you do not have a nine volt battery saver, the is okay.


Step 4: open the vehicle’s hood come disconnect yourbattery. Take theground cable turn off of the battery’s negative post disabling the strength to the fuel pump or sending out unit.

Step 5: raise the vehicle. Using a floor jack, elevator under the automobile at its stated jacking points until the wheels are completely off the ground.


Step 6: place the jack stands. The jack stands need to go under the jacking suggest locations; lower the auto onto the jack stands.

For most modern-day cars, the jacking points because that jack stands will certainly be ~ above the pinch weld simply under the doors follow me the bottom that the car.

Note: best to follow the vehicles owners hands-on for proper jacking locations.

Step 7: open up the fuel door come gain access to the fuel filler neck. Remove the mounting screws or bolts attached come the cutaway.

Step 8: eliminate the fuel filler cap cable indigenous the fuel neck and place aside.

Step 9: locate the fuel tank. Walk under the vehicle and locate the fuel tank.

Step 10: lower the fuel tank. Take it a infection jack or similar jack and place that under the fuel tank.

Loosen and also remove the straps to the fuel tank and lower the fuel tank a little.

Step 11: Disconnect the exploit from the connector. Reach up on top of the fuel tank and feel because that a exploit attached to the tank.

This is the harness for the fuel pump or sending out unit on larger vehicles.

Step 12: lower the fuel tank much more to with the vent water tap attached come the fuel tank. Eliminate the clamp and small vent water tap to allow an ext clearance.

Note: Vehicles native 1996 and newer have actually a return fuel charcoal canister attached come the vent water tap to collection fuel vapors because that emissions.


Step 13: eliminate the fuel filler neck. Remove the clamp top top the rubber water tap attaching the fuel filler neck and twist the fuel filler neck, pulling it the end of the rubber hose.

Guide the fuel filler neck out of the area and also remove it from the vehicle.

Note: If you have to remove the fuel tank because that clearance, be certain to transfer any type of fuel out of the tank before transferring the fuel tank. The is best to have actually the automobile at a 1/4 tank that fuel or less when removing the fuel filler neck.


Step 14: check the rubber water tap for any cracks. If there are any cracks, the rubber hose must be replaced.

Step 15: Clean the harness and the connector come the fuel pump or sending unit ~ above the fuel tank. Use electrical cleaner and a lint cost-free cloth to remove any type of moisture and debris.

While the fuel tank is lowered, the is encourage to remove and also replace the one way breather valve top top the tank. If the breather valve ~ above the fuel tank is non serviceable, climate you will should use a pump to check the valves condition. If the valve has actually failed, friend will need to replace the fuel tank.

The breather valve top top the fuel tank permits fuel vapors come release right into the canister however not permit any water or debris right into the tank.

Note: when replacing a fuel filler neck top top a truck, eliminate the spare tire to gain access to the neck. On part trucks you can replace the fuel filler neck there is no dropping the fuel tank.

Step 16: Wipe the end the rubber water tap on the fuel tank through a lint cost-free cloth. Place a new clamp top top the rubber hose.

Take the brand-new fuel filler neck and also twist it into the rubber hose. Put the clamp in place and tighten up the slack. Permit the fuel filler neck to twist but not enable the clamp come move.

Step 17: Raise increase the fuel tank to the vent hose. Connect the vent hose making use of a new clamp.

Tighten the clamp until the hose will certainly not twist and turn 1/8 turn.

Warning: Make sure that you execute not use the old clamps. They will not hold tight and cause a vapor leak.

Step 18: Raise up the fuel tank. Execute this all the means up come align the fuel filler neck come the cutaway and align the fuel filler neck mounting holes.

Step 19: reduced the fuel tank and tighten the clamp. Save the fuel filler neck indigenous moving.

Step 20: Raise up the fuel tank to the harness. Attach the fuel pump or sending out unit exploit to the fuel tank connector.

Step 21: attach the fuel tank straps and tighten them increase till they stop. Speak the mounting nuts to specifications ~ above the fuel tank.

If you carry out not recognize the speak value, you deserve to tighten the nuts 1/8 turn much more with blue locktite.

Step 22: Align increase the fuel filler neck come the cutaway in the fuel door area. Download the mounting screws or bolts into the neck and secure that tight.

Attach the cable that the fuel filler lid to the neck and also screw on the fuel filler cap until it locks in place.

Part 3 of 5: examine for leaks


Step 1: get the transport tank or a portable fuel can. Eliminate the fuel filler cap and empty the fuel into the fuel filler neck fueling up the tank.

Try not to drain any kind of fuel top top the soil or neck area.

Step 2: check for leaks. Wait 15 minutes away from the car and, after ~ 15 minutes, come back to the vehicle and check for leaks.

Look under the auto for any fuel drops and also sniff around to check out if girlfriend smell any type of vapors. You have the right to use a flammability gas detector to examine for any vapor leaks the you cannot smell.

If there are no leaks, you can continue. However, if you uncover a leak, examine the relationships to see if they are tight. If you had to make adjustments, make sure to examine for leaks again before continuing.

Note: If there are any vapor leaks, as soon as driving the vehicle the vapor sensor will certainly pick increase the leak and also display the engine light.

Part 4 the 5: Return vehicle to operation condition


Step 1: open up the vehicle’s hood. Reconnect the floor cable ago onto thebattery’s an adverse post.

Remove the ripe volt battery saver from the tobacco lighter if needed.

Step 2: Tighten the battery clamp. Ensure the the connection is good.

Note: If you did not have a nine volt battery saver, girlfriend will need to reset all of the settings in your vehicle, favor your radio, electric seats, and also electric mirrors.

Step 3: raise the vehicle. Making use of a floor jack the is recommended for the weight ofthe vehicle, elevator under the automobile at its stated jacking points till the wheels arecompletely turn off the ground.

Step 4: remove the jack stands and also keep them far away indigenous the vehicle.

Step 5: reduced the auto to where all four wheels room on the ground. Pull out thejack and also put that aside.

Step 6: remove the wheel chocks native the behind wheels and also put the aside.

Part 5 the 5: Test journey the vehicle

Step 1: drive the vehicle about the block. During the test, walk over different bumps permitting the fuel come slosh around inside the fuel tank.


Step 2: screen the dash for the fuel level and for any kind of engine light to appear.

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If your engine light come on after replacing the fuel filler neck, then there may be more diagnosis the the fuel system needed or a possible electrical worry within the fuel system. If the problem persists, then you must seek out assist from among’s certifiedmechanics that can check the fuel filler neck and also diagnosis the problem.