you can press L+R+START+SELECT to go back to the main menu of the game, but if youre talking about the DS main menu, then you just have to turn it off and back again.

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How do you get to the main menu in Pokemon Black?

There’s an X button menu. You got to the menu by pressing the X button.

How do you get to the menu in Pokemon?

It is accessed by pressing the START button of the Game Boy-line handheld in Generations I to III and by pressing the X button of the Nintendo DS-family or Nintendo 3DS-family handheld in Generation IV and later. In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, the menu is always open on the touchscreen.

How do you get to the title screen in Pokemon Black 2?

What you are asking for is typically called “Soft Resetting” and for DS games this is typically achieved by holding down the L and R shoulder buttons as well as Start and Select (for 3ds games it’s Start or Select ). This will return you to the startup screen.

How do I reset my Pokemon Black 2 emulator?

Pokemon Black 2 Emulator save issue

Remove the saved file from the Battery folder and restarting the game.Rename the game and the saved state file and restarting.

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How do you open the map in Pokemon Black?

1 Answer. The town map in Black and White is given to the player by their mother after receiving the Pokédex from Professor Juniper, while players of Black 2 and White 2 get it from Hugh’s sister after Bianca gives them Poké Balls.

How do you reset Pokemon Black emulator?

You cannot save your progress, you need to restart