For most youngsters in The Netherlands, the most crucial day during December is 5th December, when Sinterklaas (St. Nicholas) bring them your presents!

St. Nicholas" job is on the sixth December, but in The Netherlands, the significant celebrations are held on the fifth December, St. Nicholas" Eve. The name Santa Claus originates from the surname Sinterklaas.

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It every starts on the 2nd Saturday that November (the very first Saturday ~ 11th November) when Sinterklaas travel to a city or city in The Netherlands. Dutch legacy says the St. Nicholas stays in Madrid, Spain and also every year he chooses a various harbour to come in The Netherlands, so as many kids as possible get a opportunity to check out him.

Sinterklass travels with his servants referred to as "Zwarte Pieten" ("Black Peters") or "Sooty Pieten"/"Roetpieten" (Sooty or Chimney Peters). Once Sinterklaas and the Piets come ashore from the heavy steam boat, every one of the local church bells ring in celebration. Sinterklaas, pull on in his red robes, leads a procession v the town, talk a white horse. Every city in The Netherlands has a couple of Sinterklaas helpers, pull on the exact same as Sinterklaas and the Piets who assist give the presents out.


Children are told that the Piets keep a document of all the points they have done in the past year in a huge book. An excellent children will acquire presents indigenous Sinterklaas, but negative children will be placed in a sack and the Piets take them come Spain because that a year come teach them just how to behave!

On the evening the Sinterklaas arrives in The Netherlands, kids leave a shoe out by the fireplace or sometimes a windowsill and also sing Sinterklaas songs. Castle hope the Sinterklaas will certainly come throughout the night through some presents. They likewise believe the if lock leave part hay and carrots in your shoes because that Sinterklaas"s horse, they will be left part sweets or small presents. They"re called that, throughout the night, Sinterklaas rides on the roofs top top his horse and also that a Piet will then climb under the chimney (or through a window) and also put the gift and/or candy in your shoes.

In countless families the youngsters are told that Sinterklaas and a Piet do a weekly visit, for this reason the kids leave your shoe through the fireplace or home window i.e. Every Saturday until the main Sinterklaas party on 5th December.

Many people now don"t favor the usage of "Zwarte Piet", this is because the helpers that dress up together Zwarte Pieten are typically white people who wear black makeup as this is viewed as racist. So currently you will frequently see an ext "Sooty Piet"/"Roetpiet" where civilization just have soot and also dirt smudges on their challenge rather 보다 being completely made up through black makeup. Friend can discover out an ext about the history of Zwarte Pieten ~ above the website of the St Nicholas Center.

The evening of December 5th is dubbed St. Nicholas’ eve "Sinterklaasavond" or "Pakjesavond" (present evening). The children will get their presents during the evening. There can be a knock in ~ the door and also you could find a sack complete of presents!

Sinterklaas parties are often held top top St. Nicholas" night (5th), whereby treasure hunt games are played through poems and riddles providing the clues. Youngsters follow the hints to find small presents left by Sinterklaas. Special biscuits and also sweets are also eaten at the party. One type of biscuit is dubbed "letter blanket" or "banketletter" (meaning letter cake), which is do from marzipan or pastry. The biscuits room made in the shapes of the first letter that the peoples names who are at the party. One more sweet biscuit that is consumed at the parties are "pepernoot" which are made through cinnamon and also spices in the pastry biscuit mix. Here"s a recipe for peppernoot. And Here"s a recipe because that kerstkrans, a dutch Christmas Ring Cake.

On the sixth of December Sinterklaas (the birthday of Sinterklaas) leaves The Netherlands by steamboat via the entrance of the port of Rotterdam (Europe’s biggest port) dubbed the Hook of Holland and also he travels ago to Spain.


Surprise presents are likewise given top top St. Nicholas" Day. A practice at the Sinterklaas parties, often within classes in ~ schools, is the everyone"s surname is put right into a hat and also everyone picks one more person"s name - climate they have to make a surprise current for the person. The presents are regularly things that the human would find beneficial with your favorite hobby. The presents come v a city inside that offers a clue to who could have sent out the present, yet it is all supposed to be a mystery! This is a similar custom come a current sending one in Germany.

Christmas celebrations in The Netherlands are different from the visit the Sinterklaas!

Christmas Day itself is a much quieter day in The Netherlands, with a Church Service and family meal. Occasionally there is a special Christmas work "Sunday School" in the afternoon in ~ the church, wherein the Christmas Story and other timeless stories room told. These are regularly the only presents children will get on Christmas Day since they have already received most of your presents top top St. Nicholas Day.

On Christmas night night, dutch Children believe that Santa Claus, (who is additionally called "Christmas man" / "Kerstman" to prevent confusion with Sinterklaas!) comes from Lapland in Finland to deliver much more presents!

Christmas day is well-known as "Eerste Kerstdag" (first Christmas day) and also the work after Christmas is dubbed "Tweede Kerstdag" (second Christmas day). ~ above the second day people tend come visit their households and huge shops are also often open on Tweede Kerstdag. The traditional method to eat with the family is called "gourmetten", i m sorry is a tiny stove the is put on the table and also where anyone prepares their own meal if seated.

Many human being in The Netherlands also have a Christmas Tree in your houses.

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In dutch Happy/Merry Christmas can be said as "Prettige Kerst" (Happy Christmas), "Zalig Kerstfeest" or "Zalig Kerstmis" (both typical Merry Christmas) or "Vrolijk Kerstfeest" (Cheerful Christmas). In West-Frisian (Frysk) talked in Friesland/Fryslân)it"s "Noflike Krystdagen" (Comfortable Christmas days); in Bildts spoken in Friesland it"s "Noflike Korsttydsdagen" (Comfortable Christmastide days). Happy/Merry Christmas in lots an ext languages.