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While conversing in the Greek language with someone you’ve never met, you might end increase wanting to know each other’s names. To do this, you need to know not only exactly how to say her name, but to ask who what their surname is. Here’s a look at every the vocabulary associated with saying her name in the Greek language, and also asking someone what their surname is:

Greek Vocabulary top top Saying her Name

Name – Το όνομα – to onomaWhat is your name? Τι είναι το όνομα σου – ti einai to onoma sou?My name is… Το όνομα μου είναι … to onoma mou einaiHow space you called? (What is your name …) – Πως σε λένε? – Pos se lene?I am called … Με λένε …. Me lene

As you have the right to see, there space two alternatives for how to questioning what someone’s name is and then exactly how to respond to them. The 2 phrases are supplied interchangeably.

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Same Dialog for just how to her Name in Greek

Are friend wondering how these words and also phrases fit into the context of a conversation? Here’s a sample dialog:

Good Morning. How are you? – Καλημέρα. Τι κάνεις? – Kalimera. Ti kaneis?I am well. Say thanks to you. Είμαι καλά. Σας ευχαριστώ. Eimai kala. Sas efcharisto.What is your name? Τι είναι το όνομα σου? or Πως σε λένε? – Ti einai come onoma sou? or Pos se lene?My surname is John. Το όνομα μου είναι Υιάννης. 0r Με λένε Υιάννης.Thank you! Goodbye. Σας ευχαριστώ. Αντιο σας. Sas efcharisto. Adio sas.

That dialog is who that might possibly happen. Friend don’t have to memorize every indigenous of it. Instead, pick one means to ask who what their surname is and also one way on just how to answer. You can learn the other method if girlfriend nee come after the fact, but it is far better to it is in comfortable v one method.

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The discover Greek ar on starrkingschool.net was composed by Greeks to aid people understand the conversational basics the the Greek language. This post is not a substitute for a professional Greek discovering program, yet a helpful source for civilization wanting to learn straightforward communication in Greek.