Punjabi is widely talked in Punjab and Chandigarh. Civilization in the states of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and also Delhi likewise speak Punjabi. The natives of Punjab are fun-loving people and this element of fun is reflect in your language also.

Punjabi is an exciting language and it is even more interesting to understand the an easy phrases in the language.

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I --- Main
He --- Oh
She --- Oh
you --- Tu, tusi
It --- Eh
This --- Ah
That --- Oh

usual Phrases
Hello --- Sat sri akaal(Salutation – used for good morning, an excellent evening and good night also)
How room you? --- Tussi kiwen ho? / ki gal hai?
I to be fine --- Main theek haan
Pleased to fulfill you --- Tu-adey nal mil kar bahut khusi hoi
Thank you --- Zukriā
What is your name? --- Tuhada naan ki hai?
My surname is --- Mera naan haga …
Where are you from? --- Tusi kithe dey ho?

Father --- Pita
Mothe --- Maata
Brother --- Bhai
Sister --- Bhain
Son --- Puttar
Daughter --- Pootri
Husband --- Pati
Wife --- Patni

general Words
Home --- Ghar
Come --- Aa ja
Go --- Jaa
Sit --- Baith
Speak --- Bol
You Eat --- Kha
Listen --- Sun
Laugh --- Hus
Happy --- Khush
Inside --- Andar
Far --- Door
Near --- Paas
Water --- Panni
Sleep --- Sutte
Eat --- Khana
Drink --- Pinna
Sorry --- Mauf karna
Welcome --- Jī āiā nūng
Yes --- Aaho
No --- Nayi
Right --- Sajjey
Left --- Khabbey
Shopping --- Khareedna
Thank girlfriend --- Shukriya

One --- Ik
Two --- Do
Three --- Tin
Four --- Chaar
Five --- Panj
Six --- Chey
Seven --- Sat
Eight --- Aath
Nine --- Naun
Ten --- Das

Red / Orange --- sungtari
Yellow --- Peela
Green --- Hara
Blue --- Neela
Purple --- Jamnee
Brown --- Khaki
Black --- Kala
White --- Chitaa
Pink --- Gulaabee

Sentences and Words the You Should understand
Is this very far? --- Aa bootdoor hagaye?
How much is this? --- Aa Kinney da haga?
This is as well expensive --- Aa tey boot mehnga haga hai
Make this price less --- Thodi edi kimet ghatao
How are you? --- Ki haal nay?
Ok --- Theek hai
What? --- Ki?
Where? --- Kithey?
How? --- Kiddan?
When? --- Kaadon?
Who? --- Kaun?
Why? --- Kyon?
What is the price? --- Aa Kinney da haga?
I don"t understand --- Meri smajhich nahi aanda
Tell me the means please --- Jara rasta dasna

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