I simply bought a PS3 Slim and also GTA V. When I open GTA V, it instantly opens increase in Story Mode. Ns don"t want to pat the role playing element of it, I just wanna pat the constant version, like, the one whereby you steal cars, shoot guns, however not the story mode. Deserve to someone aid me battered the story setting please?

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There is no "regular mode", the video game only has story mode and also GTA Online. You very first need to play until the finish of the prologue and the first mission. After ~ that, you have the right to go about the city freely and cause every the damage you want, however well, many YouTubers and Twitch streamers pat on GTA Online, therefore that"s probably what you"re thinking. You can switch to GTA Online through the pause menu, ~ above the digital tab (after perfect the prologue), or by hold Left-Alt (keyboard) or down on the directional pad (controller), and navigating come the bottom the the circle.



After completing the Prologue and very first mission, v the cars, girlfriend can go into your phone, go to settings and then click "Do no Disturb". Turn that on. This avoids you from recieving phone call calls that can possibly development the storyline.

Apart from that, preventing mission markers is the ideal you can do.


Actually when you get in story mode, push menu and you’ll see a tab the says game tap game start a new game and you don’t have to do the missions. You can likewise get gta online and only execute the beginning mission of gta v till the gta v logo design shows up and you deserve to play gta online

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