This has happened a couple of times and not sure if over there is a setting that i deserve to do the will aid this no happen.

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I put my crucial fob (Keyless entry/start) in mine bag and head come the trunk and it opens the back. Ns throw my bag with key fob inside and also close the trunk/hatch.  

it locks my keys in the car.


i cant open the doors (i assumption: v bc it’s too far in the earlier for the front to check out the fob and also let me unlock the doors)


it won’t let me open the trunk again?!?!


help!!! any suggestions top top a setup i am missing. 



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newdude 2,630

Posted august 21, 2020


senior Enthusiast
Member 2,630  198,031 postsGender:MaleDrives:2019 Silverado LD
Posted respectable 21, 2020

Onstar? perform you have actually the my Chevrolet app?

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cs15dah 2

Posted august 24, 2020


Member 252 postsName:CSLocation:USDrives:2015 Suburban LT 4WD
Posted august 24, 2020

Disable passive locking?

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2019 Suburban locked keys in car

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