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I purchase a turtle Beach XL1 headset previously today and also i to be going to affix them to my computer system via the PC/PS3 adapter the you deserve to by because that it. After i bought them, ns realized the one chart that i looked at has the dorn info. The PC/PS3 adapter is just compatible for specific headsets and mine is not one of them.

So my concern is, the XL1s might not be compatible, however can they tho be used with this adapter?

Would this jack job-related to attach it come my computer for recording?


might someone please offer me the attach to buy an adapter because that the XL1 come plug right into PC or PS3 i would certainly really evaluate it :) i require this information as ns bought it for 20 quid that a girlfriend today, candlestick i obtain my money back?
No, regrettably not. The PC/PS3 compatible ones usually work-related by transmitting audio data via the USB connection. You"d likely have the ability to get the to occupational for listening things, v the suitable audio adapters, yet not for working through the headset"s mic.


You actually can affix them to her P.C. All you really need is a gold 3.5mm male to 2.5mm woman audio stereotype headset jack adapter and also a computer to stereotype 3.5mm 2 RCA mrs Cable. Both are an extremely cheap.

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Be certain to plug the angled gold male piece into the tortoise Beach slot on the amplifier, climate plug the original gold masculine piece right into the 3.5mm masculine to 2.5mm woman adapter, and also plug that right into the microphone jack on your computer and finally plug the yellow male piece of the pc to stereo converter right into the headphone jack and also that have to do it.



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