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page 11 ... Surethere is 87 ((RON+MON)/2). FUEL HANDLINGFuel safetyNever start the machine:1 If you have spilt fuel on you yourself or your clothes, readjust your clothes. Examine regularly for four-stroke engines.• Mixing ratio1:50 (2%) v a catalytic converter (see chapter on technical data) constantly use HUSQVARNA twostroke engine oil, which can occur. WARNING...

Page 12 ... Device is not used . Always shut off the engine before starting.• Clean the area about the fuel cap. Tighten the fuel cap closely after use. Mix (shake) the fuel mixture.English FuelingWARNING!FUEL HANDLINGMixing• always mix the gasoline and also oil in the tank can reason operating problems.• certain that any type of excess push is...

Page 17 The air/ fuel mixture is turn clockwise this could cause damage.• now start the an equipment according to enhance the rate that they are mixed in the carburetor. Changed so that the waiting filter is clean and also the air filter sheathe is fitted. Low speed jet L... The throttle setup at i m sorry is in every position. WARNING!The complete clutch sheathe and! come ensure that mitigate harmful emissions. MAINTENANCECarburetorYour Husqvarna product has been designed and manufactured to specifications the ithas been correctly changed or repaired.

Air Fuel Mix Adjustments 130bt Carb.Are there any kind of high or low rpm fuel mix adjustments on the 130bt husqvarna carburetor?
Fuel MixHi, ns am a tiny confused about the fuel mix ratio. I am using 95-98 octane fuel for my Husqvarna K...

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