Clara*, you need to look at this who Instagram! She has actually as large a arsenal of lingerie together you do!” squealed my best friend Mandy over high tea one day. Ns glanced at Mandy’s phone and also she was best – the picture revealed all varieties of undergarments, indigenous lacy negligees starrkingschool.nete postage-stamp size panties. Most were flat-lay shots the the pieces, some which i noted, I had in my own sizeable closet that delicates. Just who was this woman?

Mandy scrolled down the account and there she was; Vicky*, modelling a pair of racy hot shorts. Though every the pictures of Vicky were close-up indigenous – and also of – her behind, I might see she was lean and toned, with very good skin. She proportions looked a little odd, though: “Maybe she’s a body builder,” i thought.

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“Looks favor she only has actually a repertoire to starrkingschool.netpetitor my own, and not a pretty challenge or sexy body. Otherwise, why doesn’t she display it all?” i joked v a tint of jealousy. “Well, at the very least she’s letting the civilization in top top what she likes… unequal you,” Mandy retorted.

She to be right. Despite I’ve built up lingerie due to the fact that my teens, I never felt the need to display them turn off on society media – it was oversharing, ns felt.

Anyway, I had actually a loving hubby who supported my obsession. Kitson* was patient in acstarrkingschool.netpanying me on mine shopping hunts, both in stores and online, and would not only pay but likewise advise me on i m sorry ones to pick. Ns took it the he specifically liked me wearing castle in the bedroom! He to be the only male I knew who appeared to have an attention in women’s intimates and not embarrased through it in ~ all. 

(Photo: Pixabay/posed by model)

Since learning Vicky’s account, I began “stalking” her, the end of a mix of curiosity, jealousy and starrkingschool.netpetitiveness. I did no follow her, as I didn’t desire to it is in known, but instead confirm her postings daily. Ns then i found it something strange… She had actually some minimal edition collectibles I had bought end the years, with few of her recent purchases gift models the I had bought myself.

I figured that Vicky to be someone ns knew: mine help, Rosamie*!

One job I made decision to challenge her and also showed she Vicky’s Instagram page. Rosamie just laughed. “Mam, i wish my human body is as good as Vicky’s, yet I’m not her,” she said. That’s true, ns thought, together Rosamie had actually tanned skin, and also was short and stout. In in between her giggles, Rosamie wondered the end aloud: “Why no she display her face? She doesn’t want to be recognized – maybe she’s prefer a celebrity through a secret… or someone’s mistress?”

Mistress. “That need to be it,” ns thought. “My hubby Kitson, must be having an affair!”

That night, ns threw mine phone in ~ Kitson. “Is this her mistress? have actually you to be buying… no, giving away my precious underwear… to this various other woman?” Kitson looked at me red-faced, and said calmly: “Dear, it’s not what friend think… that’s me in the photos.”

Kitson walk on to describe that he favored lingerie, and in truth took starrkingschool.nete wearing women’s shorts together they feel starrkingschool.netfortable, assumed that they fit the better, and also made him feeling sexy.

Kitson revealed that he just wanted to display off the collection that he had a hand in “curating”, without being ridiculed through his mates. Because he knew his “social media unfriendly” wife would disagree to setting up together an account, he did the himself, under the alter-ego the Vicky – and also he just took those butt-fies starrkingschool.nete tease the followers. There to be no various other underlying reason for law so, and he asked because that my understanding and forgiveness… to which ns responded through a laughing fit. After ~ I cleared up down, i told the that ns was in reality relieved, and also was fine v him wearing several of my undergarments if they suited him. I was more than happy that he to be sharing my hobby: and to be so certain of self whilst doing so simply made that a warm hubby! i was simply angry at him for maintaining this a secret from me.

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From the night on, Vicky was no more. We abandoned the fake account and set up an additional private one which we mutual with fellow collectors and also friends about our “co-curated” choice of favourite pieces and novelty finds, i m sorry was more informative and less concentrated on simply “showing off”. For this reason far, we have remained undecided ~ above butt-fies and also selfies – we are still working out whose butt is the better one!

*Names changed to protect privacy

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