well me and this guy have been talking for part months now and also whenever the invites me over, we end up city hall movies and also making out. We have never had sex before due to the fact that I'm not ready. Well recently, us haven't hung out in a lengthy time however we commonly see each other about campus briefly and he messages me everyday. Yesterday, he acquired drunk and told me that he wanted to watch me but I claimed that it was also late. Today, he asked me what ns was doing tonight and I stated nothing. Climate he claimed "u mean coming over" and I just smiled.so what do you all think? go he yes, really like and also care because that me or is there something else I'm missing? and also how execute I make it clear to him that I desire something much more than simply making out. To it is in his girlfirend

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The situation as you explain it is that he is trying to find a hook up and your looking for a relationship. Firstly stop being therefore available, he needs to understand if he wants time v you he has to earn the by treating you as a female and also respecting you together a person and also taking you out for a date. You going end to his, girlfriend are placing yourself in a breakable situation.. If you want to understand where girlfriend stand prevent going about every time he calls, and if the is serious around you his actions will prove this, otherwise the finest thing that will certainly come the end of the is that you will recognize where you stand. Begin making and going out with other friends too.
Wow am enduring the same precise thing. Because he's white and also I'm black I thought that probably that's they means it went. Ns haven't gone earlier because i don't want to be a fwb. Thanks for posting this question ;-)

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that sounds prefer you're type of groping blindly in the dark, do the efforts to number out the nature that this relationship. You desire something more formal and also it sounds like you have actually no idea what he desires (to be her BF, just fwb, just pals). If ns were girlfriend I would certainly take the initiative and tell him the you favor hanging out v him and also you think it would be fun to do an ext stuff together. That'll permit him recognize what her aiming for .Keep in mind, he has a pretty good deal going with you now, so he may try to it is in vague and hazy. If he is, permit his actions tell girlfriend his intentions (in other words, if he starts to ask you out an ext and take it you places rather of just texting and sometimes do out.