Internet TerminologyWhat carry out all this acronyms and terms mean?World wide Web |Email| GeneralWorldWide net TermsBanner advertising Theterm used for ads that appear usually top top the height of the screen of a webpage. Typically will show up first when you load a page, and usuallyis flashy. Sometimes additional window(s) will open up up automaticallyleading friend to full web pages because that a certain product. Clickingon this ad will usually open up up at least one additional window to a website that desires to sell you miscellaneous (usually somehow pertained to yoursearch or net page you have found). In general, for this course,I"d introduce you NOT click these ads together they occasionally open multiplewindows and also can ultimately crash her computer. Lock can also wasteyour time. Blog Short for web log, a blog is a net page the serves together a publicly-accessible personal journal because that an individual. Generally updated daily, blogs often reflect the personality the the author. Occasionally a blog functions like a discussion board because users are regularly invited come respond come the author"s comments and create an online discussion.

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Browser The namefor software application packages that permits us to check out the World large Web.Netscape Navigator and also Microsoft Internet traveler are 2 such browsers.Canvas A product name for courseware. Courseware is a software regimen an instructor offers to deliver a course through the World vast Web. Other instances of courseware include Blackboard and Moodle. Cookie Amessage offered to a Web browser by a net server. The internet browser stores themessage in a text document called cookie.txt. The post is then sent out backto the server each time the browser requests a web page from the server. The mainpurpose of cookies is to determine users and possibly prepare customizedWeb pages for them. Once you go into a web site making use of cookies, you might beasked to fill out a kind providing such info as your name and also interests.This info is packaged right into a cookie and sent to your web browserwhich stores it for later use. The following time you walk to the same net site,your web browser will send the cookie to the net server. The server deserve to usethis info to current you v custom web pages. So, because that example,instead of seeing simply a generic welcome web page you could see a welcome pagewith your name top top it. Domain Look underGeneral HTML (HypertextMarkup Language) The programming language the is supplied to createweb pages. The is a coding language whereby a block of text is surroundedby password to indicate just how should the message appear. It additionally providescommands regarding where items from other files should be placed, suchas images. Papers that finish with .htm or .html are files that containHypertext Markup Languages and can be perceived through a Browser.HTTP (HypertextTransfer Protocol) The major protocol because that the World broad Web. Withthis protocol, friend can access any web page on any kind of public World broad WebServer on the Internet. Hypertext Generally,any message that contains "links" to other papers - words or unit volume inthe file that deserve to be chosen by the user and also which cause another documentto be retrieved and displayed. The message is typically underlined orhighlighted.Invisible Web Theterm used to define those internet sites that search engines CANNOT choose up,usually since to gain to this sites you need to be in ~ a particular siteor domain, first. For example, you can only retrieve certain censusdocuments by first going to the United claims census internet site.They are filed in a way that every individual web page CANNOT be retrieved exceptfrom the site"s database. Also, website that room not HTML files, suchas FTP files and also PDF files (the latter, those choose up through Adobe Acrobat),will also NOT be picked up by most search engines (Google, at presentcan choose up some PDF files). Special net directories calledInvisible web directories are currently being produced to merely index the variousspecialized DATABASES a lot of of particular web sites have out there.Paid for Inclusion proclaiming Anew trend where search engines charge money to providers or organizationsor persons who want to make certain their net page is noted in the searchresults page. Sometimes, there is an automatically guarantee the website will be listed, however others might require a payment simply for consideration.Usually, this sites are put in a distinct category and also may it is in so markedthat they space "Sponsored" web sites, but not always. Often, theywill be inserted on peak of the list and usually will be in enlarge fonts.The following search engines/web directories usage this practice: that listings), LookSmart (sponsored ads are detailed under "FeaturedListings"), all find engines that usage the Inktomi database, ask Jeeves,Alta Vista, rapid (AlltheWeb), Google, and also others. (In Google, sponsoredsites room in a blue box field). To avoid just going to sitesthat room "bought" quite than those that might be of far better quality, usersare urged to gain to know the interface of each search engine and webdirectory"s search outcomes screen. Portal (Sometimesthe hatchet "metasite," "megasite," or "webliography" is provided for together sites).From having the scope of every topic to simply to a specific subject,a Portal is a internet site whereby the creator(s) have actually taken time come findsites the are considered useful, might be rich in information, and are offine quality. Part portals actually have actually a rating system, but mostsimply list the sites understood valuable. Portals incorporate such sitesas INFOMINE,Academic Info and Librarians" index to the Internet.Many libraries" web sites have subject guides and also online referral directoriesthat would definitely fit this category. Users need to judge and also evaluatethe high quality of a portal, just like any type of other net page. Sometimesa portal will have a find engine together well. Note: a portal is no the same as a web catalog (one which only indexes the World vast Web).Search Engine Sitesthat aid users in finding internet pages relating to preferred topics. Forexample: Google, Yahoo, and Infoseek. This sites save on computer programsthat allow users to search v at the very least one database the searchesfor words transparent the internet. Web directories space thosethat actually index the internet (usually only a portion), and also those such asYahoo! lead you come the indexing sites, first, before searching the an international Web together a whole. Portals or meta sites are those thatselect web sites that space of significant quality, sometimes based on particularsubjects. Those containing search engines will certainly lead you come a listof sites that room indexed. A meta-search engine is a searchengine the acts together an interface as that searches more than one of the othersearch engines in ~ once. For example, Dogpile will certainly search the databasesof Yahoo!, Altavista, and Hotbot at once. URL (Uniform ResourceLocator) A web address. This is an addressing plan that allowsyou to find Internet documents on the World broad Web and also other placeson the InternetA URL looks choose this:http://www.webwx.comA URL can also be really long.For example, the URL for this web page is: Directory Usuallya form of search engine, a web magazine indexes a portion of the worldwide Web (that part contains sites that were registered straight tothe search engine"s firm and/or discovered by civilization employed by the searchengine"s company). The indexing is generally done through humans and also a controlledvocabulary is given so that net sites on comparable subjects can be groupedtogether. Due to the fact that the World broad Web is always growing and URLs arealways changing, internet Directories usually have the right to only table of contents a tiny portionof the Web. Yahoo!, LookSmart, and also Open Directoryare web directories. A web catalog could sometimes likewise have theelements the a meta-site or a portal together wellE-MailTermsAttachment A fileattached to an e-mail message. Numerous e-mail systems just support sendingtext files as e-mail. If the attachment is a binary document or formatted textfile (such as a MS-Word document), it have to be encoded prior to it is sentand decoded once it is received. Recent versions of email softwaresuch together Hotmail and Eudora most frequently do the encoding and decoding automatically.Domain Look underGeneral Emoticon Anacronym for emotion icon, a little icon created of punctuation charactersthat indicates exactly how an e-mail message should be taken (that is,the writer"s mood). For example, a :-) emoticon suggests that the messageis expected as a joke and also shouldn"t it is in taken seriously. An emoticonis additionally called a smiley. EmoticonMeaning
Listserv An automaticmailing perform server emerged by Eric thomas for BITNET in 1986. As soon as e-mailis handle to a LISTSERV e-mail list, the is immediately broadcastto everyone on the list. The result is comparable to a newsgroup or forum,except that the messages are transmitted together e-mail and also are because of this availableonly to individuals on the list. Mailbox An areain storage or top top a storage device where e-mail is placed. Ine-mail systems, each user has a private mailbox. When the user receivese-mail, the mail system immediately puts the in the mailbox. Spam (or spamming) Aninappropriate attempt to use a mailing list, or USENET or other networkedcommunications facility together if it to be a broadcast tool by sending out thesame article to a large number of human being who didn"t ask for it. Massjunk Email. Urban Legends Theterm used for emails you will regularly receive that normally will have actually sometype the warning or some kind of story and also may encourage you to send thismessage to plenty of others. Often, story are comprised or taken out ofcontext or are just not true, or there to serve favor spam, whereby yousend multiple messages to other people. These emails can frequently beseen as "tall tales" or may be simply "pulling her leg." part viruswarnings space really metropolitan legends (and regularly untrue). Part Emailchain letter are also Urban Legends. Virus Look underGeneral Worm Look underGeneralGeneralInternet TermsCyberspace A metaphorfor relenten the non-physical terrain developed by computer system systems. Onlinesystems, for example, create a cyberspace within which world can communicatewith one one more (via e-mail), do research, or simply window shop. Likephysical space, cyberspace contains objects (files, letter messages, graphics,etc.) and different modes of transportation and also delivery. Unlike real space,though, experimenting cyberspace does not require any kind of physical activity otherthan pressing secrets on a keyboard or moving a mouse. Discussion board Also recognized as Bulletin plank or conversation Groups, conversation Boards space online forums where individuals can article messages. Messages room usually group by topics and also such topic groups are usually called threads. Domain Typicallythe last three letters of one Internet resolve represent the domain or particularsection the the Internet. If you notice, both Email and Web addressesend with these suffixes. Domain suffix include:
.eduEducational Institutions
.govU.S. Government
.comCommercial (Business)
.netNetwork InfrastructureOrganizations
.orgUsually a Non-Profit Organization
.milMilitary Organization
.storeBusinesses giving goods
.infoInformation Services
.nomIndividuals through personalsites
.firmBusinesses or Firms
.webentities emphasizing theWorld broad Web
.artsCultural Groups
.recRecreational or EntertainmentActivities
.us,etc.Recognized by only two letters,these domain names have codes that represent details countries (such as .ilfor Italy and also .jp for Japan). As of ideal now, internet addresses thathave the domains such as .com or .org most frequently identify unified Statesbusinesses, organizations, and so on (though that is slowly changing).A net site through the address that has a nation domain have the right to be ANYof the species of entities noted above.
Download To takeinformation indigenous one computer to another computer or to a floppy disk.On the Internet, when you download you room taking details from a remotecomputer. FTP (File transport Protocol) Theprotocol used on the internet for sending files. These files canbe from any type of program and also the only method they have the right to be perceived is if you havethe regimen that matches the particular file, or what is called a "viewer"to check out them. Because that example, a PowerPoint presentation the is no convertedto html deserve to only open up if you"re in PowerPoint or your web internet browser hasa form of plugin which deserve to view PowerPoint presentations.ISP (Internet business Provider) Aninstitution (usually a exclusive company) the provides accessibility to the Internetin part form, normally for money. LAN (Local Area Network) Acomputer network restricted to the immediate area, sometimes to the same flooror exact same building. Netiquette Networketiquette, or the etiquette that the Internet. Network Any timeyou connect two or more computers with each other so the they have the right to share resources,you have actually a computer system network Newsgroup USENET.A forum or an on-line conversation group, commonly covering any kind of conceivableinterest. To view and also post messages to a newsgroup, you require a newsreader, a regimen that operation on her computer and also connects you to a newsserver on the Internet. Plugin A hardwareor software module that adds a details feature or company to a largersystem. For example, there room a variety of plug-ins because that the Netscape Navigatorbrowser that permit it to screen different varieties of audio or videomessages.

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Server A computer,or a software application package, that provides a details kind of business to clientsoftware to run on other computers. The term deserve to refer to a particularpiece that software, as a WWW server, or to the device on i m sorry the softwareis running. Telnet The commandand program provided to login indigenous one net site come another. Thetelnet command/program gets you to the "login" prompt of one more host computer.A typical telnet display is one v a plain background (usually black color orwhite) and does not contain any type of graphics. UNIX A computeroperating device (the simple software to run on a computer, underneaththings favor word processors and spreadsheets). That is the many commonoperating mechanism for servers top top the Internet. Virus A regimen or pieceof code that is invited onto your computer without her knowledge and runsagainst your wishes. Most viruses can likewise replicate themselves. All computerviruses are manmade. A simple virus that deserve to make a copy of itself overand over again is reasonably easy to produce. Also such a an easy virusis dangerous because it will easily use all accessible memory and also bringthe device to a halt. One even much more dangerous form of virus is one capableof transmitting itself across networks and bypassing protection systems.Worm (1)A worm is a special type of virus that deserve to replicate itself and also use memory,but cannot connect itself to various other programs. (2) A hatchet usedloosely for more recent viruses that are sent out through Email and also affectEmail software program programs such together Microsoft Outlook. As soon as the virusis opened, the sender unknowingly sends out the virus come anyone they space emailing(usually together a different message). Or, in some Email softwareprograms, a message can be instantly sent to all addresses in the user"saddress publication without the user ever knowing. The well known I Love You,Melissa, and Happy99 viruses are referred to as worms, mainly due to the fact that they fitdefinition one, and also the "layman" began thinking of these form of Emailviruses together "worms." Definitions adjusted fromprevious "Internet Skills" process at Chabot, the pc Webopedia and fromthe university of Arizona Library"s "Internet Jargon and also Terms"