On-board diagnostics (OBD) is a computer system system that monitors the performance and health the a vehicle. This system is additionally used come alert the driver that potential issues by transforming on the examine engine light. A mechanic or the vehicle owner can then plug a scan tool into the car’s OBD port to find out an ext about the error. Trouble codes, such as the P0126 code, show the nature and location of the problem.

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The P0126 is a trouble password that indicates a potential concern with the engine coolant temperature. Find out more about why this code sets and what signs you should look out for through this brief guide.

Code P0126 may register if you have a faulty cooling system.

How to solve the P0126 Code

Achieving one effective and also long-term solution to problem codes depends on two things. First, you have to accurately recognize the root reason of the issue. This is a difficulty for numerous as there space multiple reasons why a trouble password is stored.

Second, you have to consider that vehicles room not make the same. Terminology, components, and also repair instructions will certainly vary relying on the manufacturer. The solution to the P0126 top top a Mazda 3 might not occupational to deal with the same worry on a Toyota vehicle.

That gift said, repair manuals and also databases may assist make troubleshooting easier and more manageable. However, if you’re unsure around how trouble password repairs must go or if you’re not confident in her repair skills, you can constantly have a certified mechanic or technician do the troubleshooting because that you.

Other Notes around P0126

If you own a Mazda, the password P0126 may seem familiar to you. That’s because this is a usual issue in some Mazda models. In fact, Mazda has released a technical business bulletin to attend to the problem.

The Mazda technical company bulletin SA-035/20 was released on march 11, 2020 in stimulate to attend to the P0126 engine code. The specific models affected by this problem are the 2018-2020 Mazda 6 (non-turbo) and also the 2018-2020 CX-5 (non-turbo).

The bulletin suggests the instead of of the engine coolant regulate valve as a possible solution. However, over there may also be other potential physical troubles present, for this reason you must not rule out other possible causes immediately. Proper diagnosis is still recommend if you encounter the engine password P0126 on other makes and models.

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