If you great to understand what satellite score is good, this article will overview you on that. This short article is aimed in ~ guiding students on the actual sat score that they need to acquire into any type of college.

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SAT is just one of the most typical admission needs in the United states that is necessary whenever a student wishes to apply for either freshman or move undergraduate join at any type of University/College.

This necessity is necessary for both in-state, out-of-state U.S base students, and international students applying for join in the U.S.

I have written much about the satellite Test and also I will share some good links that will guide you much more about the satellite Test in the next section below.

Note: just arrived students the wish to apply for admission into colleges space to either use for admission with their satellite or ACT check score, in addition to the compelled grades. Examine a great ACT check score essential for join here.

Although recently, some colleges carry out not call for the act or sat test score for admission. So it is recipient to check if her college requires a check score for their admission.

What is a an excellent SAT score because that 2021 Overall, for college Admission?

The sat test has two sections which are the mathematics section and also the Evidence-based Reading and also Writing (EBRW) section. Each of these sat sections has actually a score range from 200 to 800.


The satellite Score range varies per college/University. Because that example, selective and competitive universities/colleges will call for students to have actually a higher score while much less selective institutions might consider lesser scores.

As such, the is recipient to acquire a sat score indigenous 1400 or above if you wish to apply to a selective school.

In the next section below, girlfriend will check out the sat score gradings because that each satellite section and also the satellite score requirements for the 25 most selective colleges.

SAT Score Gradings 2021

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99th750 or above1510 or aboveBest sat Score Range
90th6701340Excellent satellite Score Range
75th6101200 – 1210Good sat Score Range
50th5301050 – 1060Average satellite Score

Obtaining the above detailed SAT score is a great SAT score because that freshman and transfer admission at any type of college in the joined States.

Check the next table listed below to view the top 25 many selective colleges/Universities in the united States and also their sat Score requirements for admission through acceptance price reports.

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Note: Submitting of check scores is optional in part colleges in the joined while some colleges do not totally require check scores for undergraduate admission, except English Proficiency check scores for international applicants.

Selective Colleges and also their sat Score Requirments

The table listed below shows the 25 selective colleges/universities in the US and their sat score requirements for admission. Click any of the colleges provided below to check out its sat Score, action Score, and also Grades forced for admission in 2021.

SAT Score for selected Colleges;

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Name of College/UniversitySAT Score selection (25th/75th Percentile)Acceptance Rates
UCLA1280 – 1530See UCLA acceptance Rate
Harvard 1460 – 1570Check Harvard Acceptance
Princeton1460 – 1570See Princeton Acceptance
Columbia1450 – 1570See Columbia Acceptance
Stanford1440 – 1570See Stanford acceptance Rate
MIT1510 – 1570MIT Acceptance rate Here
Uchicago1500- 1570Uchicago Acceptance rate Here
Yale1460 – 1570Yale Acceptance rate Here
Penn1450 – 1560Penn Acceptance rate Here
Johns Hopkins1470 – 1570Johns Hopkins Acceptance rate Here
Caltech1530 – 1560Caltech Acceptance price Here
Northeastern1440 – 1550Northeastern Acceptance rate Here
Duke1480 – 1570Duke Acceptance rate Here
Vanderbilt1460 – 1560Vanderbilt Acceptance rate Here
Rice University1470 – 1570Rice Acceptance rate Here
Dartmouth1440 – 1560Dartmouth Acceptance rate Here
Brown1440 – 1570Brown Acceptance rate Here
Cornell1400 – 1560Cornell Acceptance rate Here
WUSTL1480 – 1560WUSTL Acceptance price Here
Emory1360 – 1530Emory Acceptance rate Here
USC1360 – 1530USC Acceptance price Here
Notre Dame1400 – 1550Notre Dame Acceptance rate Here
UC Berkeley1310 – 1530UC Berkeley Acceptance price Here
UMichigan1340 – 1530UMichigan Acceptance rate Here
George Town1380 – 1550George city Acceptance price Here

Additional Test essential for international students admission.

International students, specifically those from countries that do not speak English as its main language, may have to acquire added English Proficiency test scores.

The accessible and recommended English proficiency Exams welcomed for international students’ undergraduate join in the U.S include the TOEFL and also IELTS.

What is a poor SAT score?

Any satellite Score that is listed below the center 50% variety which is the average SAT score is a bad SAT Score.

What satellite Score is negative for Admission

What is the lowest satellite score to obtain into college? any SAT score that is lower than the school’s 25th percentile is low and that may not get you into any type of college/University.

When to take back SAT check again?

If your satellite score is low to a point of not getting you into any type of University and college, climate you may take into consideration rewriting the test as an alternative.

Firstly, you are advised come check and also know the satellite score demands for the college you great to apply for and work hard to gain a score the will satisfy that. The best method to equip yourself correctly for the test is to take satellite prep and Test advice here.

But if you don’t great to retake the test, then walk for a college/university the does not need SAT score as a requirement for admission.

SAT Score frequently Asked Questions and also Answers

Is 1470 a an excellent SAT score?

1470 SAT Score is a good SAT score. Students who score 1470 loss under the 98th percentile that the total variety of students the took the test.

Is 1210 a an excellent SAT score?

SAT Score that 1210 falls under the 77th percentile and also that is a an excellent Score for admission into countless colleges and also universities.

Is 1080 a poor SAT score?

All sat Scores in ~ 1080 falls into the 50th percentile. 1080 is an average SAT score.

Who has actually a perfect sat score?

Having a perfect sat score means you have met the 1600 sat points. Students require a perfect 800 ~ above all your sections to satisfy this score.

What’s the highest SAT score ever?

The Perfect Score is the highest feasible score in the SAT. The sat Perfect Score is 1600 points and that is the highest possible SAT Score.

Is a 1500 sat score good?

SAT score of 1500 is good. This score puts you in the 99th percentile the the complete students that took the test and also it is very great for join into any University and college.

Is 18 a an excellent SAT essay score?

I will certainly say that scoring 18 in the sat essay is a good score for admission. Yet your chances of obtaining in through such depends on the institution you are using for.

Is 2400 a great SAT score?

SAT score that 2400 is perfect for admission. Sat Score of 2400 mirrors that her score is higher than 99% of all the students that took the test takers.

College board had adjusted the scoring system from 2,400 scale point maximum come the 1,600 points

Is the satellite 1600 or 2400?

College board had readjusted the scoring device from 2,400 scale point maximum come 1,600 points.

Is 1380 a an excellent SAT score? Yes, satellite score the 1380 is good to obtain into any college.

Is 1250 a great SAT score?

1250 sat score is a great SAT Score to acquire into Colleges. A 1250 satellite score drops under the 81st percentile. Practically all Colleges/universities accept students with this score range.

Is 1200 a great SAT score?

A 1200 satellite Score is considerable. This score is agree by less competitive Colleges and Universities. Such a score locations you in the 74th percentile of all the students the partook in the test.

Is 1000 a an excellent SAT score?

A satellite score of 1000 is poor for admission. Very couple of colleges take into consideration such scores because that admission. Such scores place you in the 35th percentile of all the students that took the test.

Is a 1400 satellite score good?

A 1400 sat score is good. It areas students in the top 95th percentile of the full students the took component in the test. This score is acceptable by practically all Universities/Colleges.

Is one 1140 satellite score good?

A SAT score of 1140 is considerable. It areas you in the 66th percentile of all the students the took component in the test.

Is 800 a great SAT score?

A SAT score of 800 is exceptionally low for Universities/Colleges come consider. This score ar students in the bottom nine percentile that the total students that took the test.

Is 950 a great SAT score?

A satellite score that 950 is bad. Together scores placed you below the 31st percentile of all students that partook in the exam. That is very low for numerous colleges/Universities to think about for admission.

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Is 1100 a an excellent SAT score?

A score the 1100 is just an average. This score places students a little, above the 50th percentile of every partakers that the test.

I am sure this info was helpful? Finally, you are advised to inspect if your college calls for a test Score for join or not