Aurabela "Belita" Moreno is one American actress recognized for her portrayal the Benita "Benny" Lopez in the alphabet sitcom George Lopez and Edwina Twinkacetti and Lydia Markham in Perfect Strangers.

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BornAurabela Moreno, November 1, 1949, Dallas, Texas, U.S.
EducationSouthern Methodist university (BFA)
Years active1977–present
Spouse(s)Joel Rudnick

About Belita Moreno

Actress best remembered for her appearance ~ above the alphabet sitcom George Lopez together Benny Lopez. In the 2010 comedy Diary the a Wimpy Kid, she theatre Mrs. Norton.

Belita Moreno prior to fame

She earned her bachelor"s level in theatre from southerly Methodist University.

Achievement that Belita Moreno

She has appeared in several movies in enhancement to she TV career, including The parental Trap, Crossroads, and 17 Again.

Belita Moreno household life

Joel Rudnick, she spouse, and also she had actually two children.

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Associations of Belita Moreno

On George Lopez"s show of the very same name, she play alongside him.

Top truth You Did not Know around Belita Moreno

The actresses room from Dallas. Alumni of southerly Methodist University






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