I discovered it quite surprising that I have this gluten sensitivity and only uncovered out by chance after I provided it up as a trial for a couple of mainly to see if a persistent stomach issue I experience from boosted after having actually been to the physician several times and also eventually gift told it to be “probably IBS”.

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After a few days there is no gluten the condition did boost considerably and now i am toying with the idea of continuing to be gluten free. As it is just a very mild condition, I may just cut out bread and eat gluten free cereal in the morning, providing up beer may be a action too much for me!

Obviously, among the very first things i researched once I found this ailment to be the gluten content of whiskey/whisky as I knew giving it up completely wasn’t walk to paris at all if my favourite drink had gluten! it would additionally have been pretty bad news for this blog.

As you probably understand whiskey is made from grain and I was surprised to discover that in spite of wheat, barley and also rye every containing gluten countless whiskies deserve to legally be labelled as gluten complimentary as the gluten is removed throughout the distillation process.

This way that distilled alcohol contains below the minimum amount of gluten to it is in legally labelled as gluten free. It does not mean they are 100% gluten free.

The reason it’s not 100% gluten totally free is the the distillation procedure isn’t 100% reliable apparently. This object on Reddit explains it well.

If you space Celiac or have a strong Gluten intolerance, please carry out your research and makes sure any kind of whisky provided here is safe for YOU come drink. If you are not sure it is best not to drink any type of whiskey in ~ all, it’s far better to it is in safe 보다 sorry people your health and wellness is an ext important 보다 anything.

For an ext information ~ above this object see: https://www.coeliac.org.uk/information-and-support/your-gluten-free-hub/home-of-gluten-free-recipes/healthy-eating/alcohol/

Never the less, I thought it would be advantageous to do some research and also list some of the large whisky / whiskey / bourbon brands and whether or no they deserve to be classed as gluten free (again if you are allergic to gluten/celiac the is ideal not to drink them in ~ all).

My process for finding out this details was simple:

I looked on the official websites because that informationIf there was nothing on there I sent the brand an email

I will upgrade this together I get more answers however here are the website info snippets and the replies I received to my e-mails:

Jack Daniels

Gluten free: Yes

Jack Daniels confirms on your website that:

“All Jack Daniel’s assets including ON7 and also flavours space gluten free.”




Gluten free:Yes

Jameson is as result of triple distillation and additionally gave a security reminder that various other whiskies may contain some gluten:

“Yes Jameson is Gluten free. Jameson is triple distilled & since we distil three times it allows any traces the the grains to it is in removed during the distillation process. Whiskeys that have been distilled as soon as for example would not be Gluten free.”


Crown Royal

Gluten free: No

See this object on Celiac.com whereby someone has contacted castle directly.


Gluten free: Yes

I love Glenfiddich so to be happy come hear this:

“Happy to report our whisky is without doubt gluten free.”


Buffalo Trace

Gluten free: No

I got to out to the great folks at Buffalo trace via email and was told that unless the product is especially labelled together Gluten complimentary it need to not be thought about so. They command me come the Sazerac (owners that Buffalo Trace) website which states this information: http://www.sazerac.com/NutritionInfo.aspx

Four Roses

Gluten Free: correct legally yet No in reality

A nice in-depth answer from 4 Roses. This is basically the correct answer for all whiskey.

“To answer her question concerning gluten, among the three grains supplied in the production process of 4 Roses Bourbon is Rye, which consists of Gluten. However, in the production of Bourbon, the fermented grains undergo a distillation procedure at very high temperatures which off the liquids (primarily Ethanol) from the seed (Corn, Rye, and Barley) and water.

This procedure should denature and/or remove some or all of the Gluten indigenous Bourbon.

We distill once through a column still and again in a doubler (pot still).

Also we include nothing other than water after ~ distillation.

Unfortunately there space no government-approved analytical techniques to verify the absence of Gluten in Bourbon. Because of this we cannot, under federal government guidelines, insurance claim that ours product is without Gluten or Gluten Free.

In Summary, ours product is distilled from seed containing gluten, which removes some or every one of the gluten. The gluten contents of this product cannot be verified, and also this product might contain gluten.”


Wild Turkey

Gluten free: Yes

I got confirmation that Wild Turkey is gluten totally free but they wisely recommend to look for advise before consuming it.

“Wild Turkey does no contain wheat gluten or any kind of other protein.”


Makers Mark

Gluten free: Unsure

I can’t tell indigenous this even if it is they space officially classed together gluten cost-free but completely agree to practice caution.



Gluten free: Yes

A little bit vague together they speak scotch whisky quite than talking especially saying Macallan is gluten free, but we deserve to assume that is what they meant here:

“Scotch Whisky is complimentary from any allergenic material, consisting of nuts, gluten, shellfish.”


The Glenlivet

Gluten free: Yes

Here is the reply from The Glenlivet with sound advice around checking with your doctor first:

“We deserve to confirm that all our whiskies, consisting of The Glenlivet, are an ideal for Coeliac sufferers to consume. Although whisky is made using cereals, gluten protein does no pass distillation and also cannot be found in the spirit. This is well-known by the UK’s Coeliac society who recommend that distilled spirits, such together whisky, do not contain any type of gluten and are for sure for Coeliac an illness sufferers come consume.

However, we would always advise the individuals examine with their doctor / doctor that the is safe for them to consume alcohol addict beverages together in some situations alcohol may rise sensitivity to allergens.”



Gluten free: Yes

“Our whiskies are gluten free as the gluten proteins space not lugged over through distillation.

We don’t include anything after ~ distillation except water and spirit caramel (in very, an extremely rare occasions ) This will additionally be proclaimed on the bottle if this is so.

The spirit caramel we usage is E150a. Sugars because that the caramel deserve to be derived from wheat starch, but caramel color is so very processed with caramelization that it includes no gluten.

Some celiac’s have been recognized to still no tolerate some whiskies as result of their condition being extremely sensitive yet our commodities should not have this effect.”



Gluten free: Yes

I emailed them and also got the following response:

“I can confirm the Ardbeg whisky is gluten-free – the gluten is removed during the distillation process”.


Woodford Reserve

Gluten free: correct (but examine with a medical professional to it is in sure)

I emailed them and also got the following response:

“Regarding her question, the Celiac society has defined all distilled products as being for sure for intake as the distillation process does not enable the carryover of any allergenic gluten protein. Due to the distillation process, we have the right to state the this product does not contain gluten.

Unfortunately, however, there is at this time no validated test to verify the gluten contents (or absence) in fermented and distilled products. We as such encourage you to consult v your personal physician need to you have sensitivity come gluten.”.

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The Balvenie

Gluten free: Yes

This to be the solution I acquired from Balvenie:

“Happy to report our whisky is certainly gluten free.”



Gluten free: no yet certified.

“At this time we room not certified gluten-free yet we room looking right into the certification process.”