A the majority of skaters think Darkstar is a Walmart brand. However a the majority of them likewise say Darkstar is legit and is a kind skate brand. But what’s the truth? Today, I’ll be talking about Darkstar skateboards. I’ll it is in going over their products and talking around whether castle are good quality or not.

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Darkstar skateboards, who room they?

Darkstar is an additional skateboard brand owned by Dwindle Distribution. These guys also own practically skateboards, Enjoi, Tensor Trucks, remote skateboards, and Dusters. They have actually their fingers in some of the biggest brands in the industry. 

Dwindle is own by Highline sectors Corporation this days, but it was founded by Rodney Mullen and also Steve Rocco. I’m certain they are still in the picture, help to keep things running. Inspect out my Darkstar skateboards review below to discover out an ext about them.

How go Darkstar skateboards start?

Darkstar was began in 1997 through Chet Thomas. They began as a wheel agency in his garage but later developed into the skateboard deck brand we recognize today. Back in 2007, Chet observed the opportunity to sell obtainable completes in Walmart and also started advertise Darkstar products on there. That would sell the skateboards that didn’t do well in ice skating shops. Since of this, some skaters associated Darkstar with the Walmart brand – which isn’t a good thing when it concerns skateboarding.

Why perform some skaters not prefer them?

A the majority of skaters dislike Darkstar boards. They to speak their equipment isn’t an excellent quality and also would recommend various other brands and products rather of Darkstar stuff. Some particularly dislike them due to the fact that they offer some of their boards and also products in ~ Walmart.

As I explain below, Darkstar sells their boards in ~ Walmart to aid get to the industry of new skaters and also parents who just pick up cheap Walmart boards rather of going to skate shops. This way they’re maybe to obtain quality boards to everyone and push the cheap low-quality ones out of the market.

Some skaters think this is admirable and a good way to obtain decent boards to everyone. Yet others tho think the boards are bad and also can’t evaluate what Darkstar is doing.

I should also make the distinction. Even though they do sell part boards at Walmart, castle still have a high-quality line and also sell quality decks.

Is it it s okay to purchase a Walmart skateboard?

When skaters think that a Walmart board, they often picture a cheap board, the comes through plastic trucks, plastic wheels, and that come wrapped in plastic film. A toy. Now, this isn’t a skateboard. That might be able to roll for a couple of feet, but is an ext a toy 보다 anything else. You can’t execute tricks ~ above it and you can’t even cruise around on it. It’s useless. This is what many Walmart boards space like.

Naturally, skaters dislike these sorts of boards and also tell any brand-new skaters come steer away from them. So generally speaking, if you desire a proper skateboard, nothing buy a Walmart board. The said, 

Darkstar completes are offered at Walmart too. Darkstar boards room pretty decent because that beginners and are one affordable option. They room at that exact same cheap price point but job-related way better than the knock-off, toy skateboards. They have the right to actually roll, turn and you can do top on them.

If you uncover a Darkstar board at Walmart, it can not be so bad if you buy it. However again, if you have the option, go to a ideal skate shop and you’ll be able to get yourself a high-quality deck which will certainly come with better components (though will be more expensive).

Why go Darkstar offer boards ~ above Walmart?

So plenty of skateboards are marketed through Walmart come parents that don’t any better and simply pick everything is cheapest and available. This harms the skate industry. It additionally gives the children who acquire these board a poor introduction into skating and they nothing get good riding experiences. That not uncommon to listen of people who gave up skating due to the fact that their boards suck to ride.

So together Chet Thomas describes in the video clip below. Darkstar is trying to offer the finest boards they have the right to within that cheap price allude to the parents and also kids who don’t know any better. 


And Darkstar is making that work. A ton that younger skaters have actually been maybe to gain decent beginning of the person boards. Darkstar is additionally able to support their team and sponsor main point skateboarding competitions with the money they do from these sales. Placing that money back into the ice scating scene. The Darkstar skateboards team is also legit and has some huge skate names.

I think lock doing an excellent work. The different is boards that don’t roll, and anything is better than that is good in my book.

So are Darkstar board good?

As I mentioned earlier, Darkstar type of has two present of boards. Those that they market at ice skating shops, and those that they market in Walmart. The Walmart completes are of slightly lower quality, therefore they deserve to fit in the competitive price point. 

If you a beginner ska or top top a tight budget, the Walmart Darkstar will be great enough because that you. However if she an proficient skater, they won’t feel good underfoot.If you’re a more experienced skater, the high-quality Darkstar line discovered in ice scating shops will feel simply as an excellent as any type of other skateboard from a premium brand. Pair the decks through a collection of ideal wheels and also trucks, and you’re an excellent to go.

Finally, since their decks are manufactured and distributed by Dwindle, they will of food be high-quality. Because Dwindle put a single deck in the push each time, lock ensure that they have constant quality throughout their decks. Every deck will have actually the very same concave, exact same pop, and also will feeling the exact same to ride.

What commodities does Darkstar make?

Darkstar only really sell decks these days. Lock do have actually some wheel available, yet it appears they have mostly left your wheel brand behind. They offer some soft items like t-shirts and also stickers too.

On your Walmart brand decks, they have their trucks and also wheels. This trucks and also wheels aren’t as great quality as premium brand products but will work-related well for beginners.

They do encompass name brand trucks and wheels on their premium completes, yet those are much more expensive too. If girlfriend can, try to change the bearings top top the Walmart trucks for a smoother and faster roll.

What space some an excellent Darkstar decks?

Darkstar Skateboards Pierre-Luc Gagnon market deck

Coming in at 31.9inches in length and 8.37inches in width, this deck is a an excellent option for any skater. Its size is standard, but its width renders it perfect because that beginners. It will certainly be a bit an ext comfortable to was standing on and also will provide a an ext stable ride 보다 a narrow board. This deck is great for all-around riding. You have the right to use it because that pool, vert, and also trick skating.

The deck is made through 7plys of maple and also has a resin glue. It will have good pop and also will it is in durable. Due to the fact that of Dwindle’s single press policy, the deck will have actually a regular pop and also concave like various other Darkstar decks.

Though it is a premium deck, it expenses slightly more than $50. This can be high-quality for some beginners, especially if you have to buy wheels and trucks too. Examine out the cheaper Darkstar completes below.

You can discover out much more about the Pierre-Luc Gagnon deck right here at Warehouse skateboards.

Darkstar Scrim Red 7.25

Though sold on Amazon, this is among the Walmart completes that Darkstar sells. It comes in at a price of slightly less than $100. This provides it affordable and a decent choice for beginners and also those who room on a tight budget.

The deck has actually a rather small size. It has actually a quick length the 29.25inches, through a narrow 7.25inch width. It’s been designed for usage by kids, however it is additionally a good option because that riders with smaller sized feet.

Though the deck is kind quality, the complete comes with budget trucks, wheels, and bearings. The trucks space T5 aluminum Darkstar trucks and the wheels room soft 82a durometer wheels. 

These wheel are much softer than the average skateboard wheel. They will certainly roll smoother and feel more comfortable on various surfaces than the conventional skate wheels does.

Though the components aren’t the greatest, you can not complain as soon as you consider the price tag. Discover out much more about the Darkstar spending plan complete here on Amazon.com.

Darkstar Woods (Mint Green) 7.625 Complete

The many affordable Darkstar alternative on my list. This one is both great for kids and bigger riders. It come in in ~ 31.3inches in length and also has a broad of 7.6inches. It might be a little bit narrow because that bigger riders, however it is a great option if you nothing mind the smaller sized size. Part young beginners can want a small skateboard that has a traditional length. It might be challenging for part older beginner to ride. Another great all-round option like this would be the Darkstar in bloom deck.

When it concerns components, this finish does quite well. It comes through Tensor trucks and Darkstar wheels. Tensor trucks space quite great and are thought about premium trucks. It is surprising that a finish this cheap has them. The Darkstar wheels space ok and should work-related decently.

Altogether, this complete is an excellent value for money. The Tensor trucks will last and work well because that a long time.

Find out much more about this complete here on Amazon.com.

Darkstar Skateboards Insignia Aqua Skateboard Deck

Last but not least, this deck is great for youngsters and small riders. This deck comes in a small size. The is 29.2inches long and also 7.25inches wide. If you have a boy that is about 4ft tall, this deck will certainly be an excellent for them.

The deck itself is made v 7plys that Hardrock maple and uses a resin glue. It will certainly be durable, strong, and should last your child a lengthy time.

When it pertains to its design, It has actually a straightforward green stained graphic through the Darkstar logo and also lettering. Nothing fancy, however it does look good. It might not fit part tastes though. Check out the other boards above if this isn’t to her liking. The Scrim Red option is a good alternative.

Finally, the Insignia deck isn’t too expensive. That doesn’t break the bank and also leaves you through room to buy the other parts girlfriend need. Girlfriend can discover out an ext about the Insignia deck right here on Warehouse skateboards.

How lot do Darkstar plank cost?

Darkstar boards deserve to be noþeles from an extremely affordable to kind of expensive. Together I said earlier, they have actually two varieties of boards. The Walmart boards and also their premium line.

Their premium line boards price just as lot as the boards from any type of other brand. She looking come pay about $60 to 80 dollars for a deck. When it involves their affordable line of decks. You deserve to pay anywhere between $60 to $100 because that a complete. They are rather cheap.

What brands are great alternatives come Darkstar?

It’s understandable if Darkstar isn’t to your liking. A many skaters don’t like them and also would prefer an ext traditional core skate brands. Some great alternatives are:

Blind skateboardsRevive skateboardsBaker GirlChocolate

If you want a skateboard for her kid, Blind has actually some good options. For example, the remote OG Water shade board. It comes in a little size that 29.2inches in length and 7.25inches in width. The perfect size for a kid. You can inspect it out below on Amazon.com.

And prefer the Zoo skateboards complete below, Blind additionally has one affordable finish for larger riders. It is 31.5inches long and also comes in 2 widths – 8 and 8.25inches. Examine out the remote Premium finish here on Amazon. The comes with Tensor trucks and also Blind wheels.

If you’re looking for a high-quality complete, Zoo skateboards have actually a decent design available. This complete accessible here at Warehouse skateboards will certainly be good for riders of all sizes. It comes in at 31.56inches in length and also 7.6inches in width.

It has premium components, with commercial trucks and also From wheels.

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What carry out you think? Is Darkstar legit?

To me, Darkstar is a legit brand. They’re doing what they have the right to to plug the holes in the leaking ship that is the skateboard industry.

And they store going in spite of them acquiring a negative rep for it. Together a rider, girlfriend don’t have to support them, yet you should respect what castle do.