MICHAEL JACKSON wrote his very own songs and focused ~ above his love life. But some of those love songs likewise focused on females you would not like to meet. So that is Dirty Diana about?


Michael Jackson - who is Dirty Diana about? (Image: Getty)

In the end, Michael had to starrkingschool.netme clean and also explain the track was generally around groupies.

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When the 1987 track was first released, rumours began to spread out that the song was influenced by Diana Ross.

Diana had been a mentor come Michael in his early on career, with the young Michael relocating in through Diana and also her household for a entirety year before he moved to California permanently.

He described her as ‘mamma’ and his mother, Katherine Jackson, even wrote about how much her child idolised Diana.


Michael Jackson with Diana Ross (Image: Getty)

In her memoir, Katherine wrote: “When Diana Ross was called to play Dorothy , Michael had more incentive to land a function in the movie; he’d been in love v her ever due to the fact that he and also his brothers had been her residence guests.

“‘You’re not pretty till you start looking like Diana!’ he would certainly tease La Toya and Janet.”

In his very own autobiography, he dubbed Diana his ‘mother, sister and lover all starrkingschool.netmbined in one,’ which aided these rumours to spread once the tune was released.

However, the denounced these rumours, together he also had to do as soon as it come to one more friend of his: Princess Diana.

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Michael Jackson and Princess Diana (Image: Getty)


After rumours over who the song was about reached a fever pitch, Michael finally had to define what the song was really about.

In 1997, in an interview with Barbara Walters, Michael starrkingschool.netnfessed the true definition once and also for all, and specifically debunked one rumour about the Princess the Wales.

He said: “I composed a song called Dirty Diana. It was not about Princess Diana.

“It was about specific kinds that girls that hang about starrkingschool.netncerts or clubs. Girlfriend know; they contact them groupies.

“I’ve lived with that every my life. These girls…they do everything with the band, girlfriend know, every little thing you starrkingschool.netuld imagine. For this reason I created a song referred to as “Dirty Diana.”


Michael Jackson (Image: Getty)

In his starrkingschool.netncern about Princess Diana’s feeling on the song, Michael also admitted he gotten rid of it indigenous a performance which she attended.

He starrkingschool.netntinued: “I take it it the end of the present in honour of Her imperial Highness… ‘Are girlfriend going to perform Dirty Diana?’

“I said, ‘No, i took it out of the show since of you.’

“She said, ‘No! I want you to execute it. Do it. Execute the song.’”

He also admitted the song was among his favourites, and also it was likewise one that the princess’s favourites.


Speaking after she death, Michael explained how near the pair were, telling a German publication: “We were really close. She was incredibly close by phone…

“I was still married to Lisa Marie . Diana wake up me up generally late in ~ night… largely after three in the morning!

“And then she held me for hours on the telephone. She talked about children, the press.”

After Michael’s death, Diana Ross spoke out in tribute come him, saying: “I can\"t protect against crying, this is too sudden and also shocking.

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“I am can not to imagine this. My heart is hurting. I am in prayer for his kids and the family.”

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