two or much more substances that might be combined in variable amounts
are notIn a mixture the building materials are/are not chemically combined.

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originalIn a mixture every substance keeps that ___ properties.
chemical formulaA mixture can not be represented by a ____ due to the fact that it go not have a identify composition choose compounds do.
matterMost ___ is in the kind of mixtures.
heterogeneous and also homogeneousclassifications that mixtures
heterogeneousunevenly mixed
vegetable soup____, fruit salad, soil and also concrete are examples of heterogeneous mixtures.
fruit saladVegetable soup, ___, soil and also concrete are instances of heterogeneous mixtures.
soil and also concreteVegetable soup, fruit salad and ____ are examples of heterogeneous mixtures.
homogeneousevenly mixed
steel___, sea water and air are instances of homogeneous mixtures.
sea waterSteel, ___ and air are examples of homogeneous mixtures.
airSteel, sea water and ___ are examples of homogeneous mixtures.
solutionmixture the is evenly combined at the molecule level
molecularA solution is a mixture the is evenly combined at the ___ level.
cannotIn a equipment particles that make up a systems can/cannot be seen.
solutesubstance the is current in the lesser amount
lesserA solute is a substance that is present in the ____ amount.
solventsubstance the is present in the greater amount
greaterA solvent is a substance the is existing in the ___ amount.
ratio that solute to solventconcentration of the solution
concentrationThe greater/lesser the amount of solute, the greater/lesser the ___.
greaterThe ___ the quantity of solute, the ___ the concentration.
lesserThe ___ the lot of solute, the ___ the concentration.
dissolving___ takes location only in ~ the surface of the solute, wherein the solvent molecule come in call with the solute particles.
surfaceDissolving takes location only at the ___ that the solute, whereby the solvent molecules come in contact with the solute particles.
surface area, stirring/shaking, temperaturefactors that impact the rate of dissolving
dissolvingSurface area the the solute's particles, stirring/shaking a solution and also temperature the the solvent impact the rate of _____.
dissolves quickerLoose street ___ 보다 a street cube since it has a higher surface area.
mix much more quicklyStirring/shaking a solution helps the solute particles ____ through the solvent molecules.
increasesIncreasing the temperature the the solvent ___ the rate of dissolving.
rate of dissolvingIncreasing the temperature that the solvent boosts the ____.
temperatureIncreasing the ___ that the solvent boosts the rate of dissolving.
fasterThe molecule of a hot solvent relocate ___ and also have higher energy than molecules the a cold solvent.
higher energyMolecules of a hot solvent relocate faster and also have ___ than molecules of a cold solvent.
alloya equipment of one or an ext metals and other solids
metalsAn alloy is a systems of one or much more ___ and also other solids.
meltedThe substances that make up an alloy space ___, blended together and also cooled.
cooledThe substances that make up an alloy room melted, combined together and also ___.

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differentAlloys have actually same/different physical properties 보다 the substances from which they're composed.
brasscomposed that copper and zinc
bronzecomposed that copper and also tin
stainless steelcomposed that iron, chromium and nickel
sterling silvercomposed that silver and also copper
exapmles that alloysbrass, bronze, stainless steel, sterling silver
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