I to be an 18 year old female, and I masturbate an extremely often. I just rub my vagina, but I do not finger myself. I obtain really tempted to finger it. Anytime I shot to do so, I acquire nervous and just finish it off by rubbing mine vagina.

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Is it for sure to finger my vagina? If yes, how do I perform it? What are the safest ways to perform it and also how frequently should I carry out it? Is my hymen going to break if I execute so? will I lose my virginity? Also, is it weird the my vagina becomes wet when I to be aroused?



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Vagina will definitely be wet when you are aroused, so over there is nothing come worry around it.Usually, fingering may cause infection and irritation. Yes, there room chances of hymen rupture. The rupture of the hymen relies upon exactly how strongly and deeply you insert your finger.There is no harm in masturbating, just see to it the you maintain personal hygiene. Also if her fingering, it is in gentle and also wash her hands.

Get back if you have doubt. Take care.

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