When The Whiskey Ain’t Workin’, room you Tempted to break out the Hillbilly Rock?

Don’t mental us…we’re just talking using solely Marty Stuart tune titles today. Why? The nation legend is offering a totally free performance tonight at everyone’s favorite regional record store with a rawkin’ name, Grimey’s. We understand it’s going come be pack (be ready to park far and get there as beforehand as friend can), and we’ve been mentally preparing because that the amazingness the awaits us. You’re probably familiar with ol’ M.Stu, yet if you must brush up, here are 5 points you could not know about the superstar.

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He made his tv debut at 14 years old.



And you thought Lennon & Maisy to be young for TV! Stuart began playing in the bluegrass group The Sullivans when he was 12. That then acquired an development to Roland White, who invited the crazy-talented child to sign up with him and also the Nashville Grass on popular television display Heehaw when he was only 14. Talk about a wunderkind.

He was in Johnny Cash’s backing band.


In the 1980’s, Stuart played with everyone’s favorite man in black color (sorry, will Smith and also Tommy Lee Jones), Johnny Cash. He even played top top the course of 55′ record with Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins (who finished up giving Stuart his guitar). Stuart summary married right into the Cash family when the wed Johnny’s daughter Cindy.

He is rather the photographer.
Image by Marty Stuart

If you’ve heard a Marty Stuart song, you recognize the guy deserve to tell a an excellent story. Lucky for us, this capacity takes on lot of forms! Stuart has actually been revealed together a quite prolific photographer. His work has actually been exhibited everywhere the ar (including ours beloved Frist Center), offering us a backstage pass to some moments v the nation music greats (Exhibit A: the photo above of Kitty Wells obtaining touched up). Stuart has been all over the world, and also the collection feels favor a lively road trip through the backroads that America over the last 50 years or for this reason (he started taking photos at 13). Truly a renaissance man!

He go on a NO HATS tour.


In 1991, the nation concert circuit to be an endless sea the cowboy hats. The was like Kenny Chesney times a thousand. Stuart and Travis Tritt didn’t feel like donning a ten gallon hat while castle belted the end the tunes, for this reason they chose to take a stand. The “No Hats” tour kicked off, and there to be ne’er a hat to be found atop the veteran performer’s head. I m sorry leads us to our following thing…

His hair is really, really awesome.

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And why would certainly you ever before hide any of that majesty under a hat?! It would certainly be doing the general public a disservice. Marty has obtained a mane that would certainly make any type of self-respecting person stop in his/her tracks; it stands up, that lies down, the still hasn’t lost its bright after year on years of tv appearances and styling gel. Choose his music artistry, the shall was standing the check of time.

And you have the right to see that illustrious head the hair in person tonight, y’all. Head to Grimey’s because that this unique Nashville experience, and also to uncover all points awesome in the city, don’t forget come grab starrkingschool.net. We’ve gained you covered!