Has anybody ever failed a housing quality standards inspection (section 8 inspection) due to the fact that they have actually a pull chain light quite than a wall surface switch? I\"ve been approved for a grand for brand-new siding and windows, yet must happen a HQ inspection first. The inspector says that traction chains room not allowed, yet my brother is a HQ inspector in another city and says over there is no together requirement. I\"ve inquiry the inspector to please look up the regulation to display me and also he said he\"d \"try to find it\". I don\"t desire to make an adversary of this man and was an extremely respectful and also polite in mine request, yet I\"m no going to just roll over and make an unnecessary improvement. Has anybody else dealt with this?

Do you have the book of compelled quality standards? If so deserve to you testimonial the book and also find the rule yourself? If you can\"t find it in writing, climate it isn\"t a rule.

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Dawn A. Is this the required Quality standards you space referring to?http://www.hud.gov/offices/adm/hudclips/guidebooks/7420.10G/7420g10GUID.pdf

If so web page 10-8 doesn\"t really say \"you can\"t have actually pull Chains\" but it does to speak you need \"Permanent\" wall surface or ceiling an installed fixtures (kitchen & bath), I might understand if the inspector views pull chains together non-permanent.

In looking at the National electric Code, it suggests that bedroom, living room, and dining room irradiate fixtures have to be managed by a irradiate switch and also not a pull chain. So in that situation I would certainly think the pull chains would not it is in allowed.


This must be the 2011 NEC code cuz i just had actually a town inspection done & the electric inspector passed the . They\"re on the 2088 though.

I know a few years back a section 8 inspector told a landlord \"you require a pull chain ~ above the ceiling fan.\"


So you room saying there is no way to reduced off the power to the fan other than the pull chain??

Here we always have a irradiate switch because that the pan in the wall and then the pull chain on the pan itself.

I would certainly think it\"s a safety worry cutting off present at the switch instead of make the efforts to discover the breaker to cut off at the panel. Not an expert but generally if it doesn\"t price much you can not desire to do waves as long as the inspector is reasonable.

Joel Owens :...Here we constantly have a irradiate switch because that the fan in the wall surface and then the pull chain ~ above the fan itself....

As Joel Owens posted, the pull chain is permissible as long as there is a wall switch the controls the overall power to the fixture.

The lights I\"m talking about are the main room lights. It\"s really common in older homes, and Maine has actually the oldest real estate stock in the nation. I think that a traction chain might not fulfill code for new construction, but don\"t think it\"s forced to upgrade to existing codes. If the were the case, there would be no ar 8 housing in Maine! mine electrician was surprised when I told him about this since it is not a safety and security issue. I\"ll permit you recognize what happens!

how weird.... A pull chain in the room.

we only use them right here in attics and basements. But i deserve to see exactly how these old, old homes could still have them.

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Here\"s an update: He had to admit that it\"s no in the regulations so the can\"t need it! once somebody tells you \"no\" you can\"t just take the at face value.

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