“Opera Meets Film” is a feature committed to trying out the way that opera has actually been employed in cinema. Us will pick a ar or a film in that entirety, highlighting the influence that utilizing the operatic kind or sections from one opera can transform our perception of a film the we room viewing. This week’s rate “The Shawshank Redemption.”

You know the scene. Halfway v the above “Shawshank Redemption,” Andy Dufresne walks into the Warden’s office and also plays a record of “Le Nozze di Figaro,” specifically the Duettino “Sull’aria” across the key speakers to the whole prison. It earns the a remain at solitary confinement. Yet it likewise changes the whole story.

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To this point in the film, Andy has managed to discover some certain footing in ~ the prison and integrate himself within of the system. Yet conversely, the movie explores Brooks’ journey together he gets parole, can’t readjust to the outside world, and ultimately hangs himself. These two narratives emphasize the emotion of gift trapped and also don’t necessarily point the story’s direction toward hope for any type of of its characters. You obtain a sense that like Red, who petition because that parole continually it s okay rejected, Andy’s future is in the prison.

So when he renders the bolder decision come play the music end the loudspeakers and also see the Warden and also other guards infuriated by his transgression, you recognize he’s walk to it is in punished because that it.

But his patience demeanor, hand behind his head and feet increase in a serene pose together Mozart’s music soars, speak you that for that it is precious it.

And together the excerpt plays, manager Frank Darabont gives the audience one of the most glorious expression of opera’s communicative power with a monologue.

Red states, “To this day, I have no idea what those two Italian females were singing about. Fact is, i don’t desire to know. Some things room left ideal unsaid. Ns would prefer to think they were singing about something to be so beautiful it can’t be to express in words and make your heart ache since of it. I tell friend those voices soared higher and farther than anybody in a Gray location dares come dream. That was choose some beautiful bird flapped into our drab small cage and made these walls dissolve away. Because that the briefest minute every last man in Shawshank feeling free.”

I think the is harder to encapsulate the extraordinary strength of opera 보다 in these an extremely words. While some can take objection to Red’s statement that he doesn’t treatment what lock say since somethings are best left unsaid, over there is no denying the in plenty of instances, opera’s power comes from more than the separation, personal, instance parts, yet the summation of these elements and how castle coalesce right into something enlarge – music in its all encompassing power. Music, together an summary musical language, is able to express the deepest human emotions without the require for a straight translation the what and also even as soon as it is express it.

But probably the an ext powerful statement comes a few lines later when he states that the experience of listening the two voices was akin come “some beautiful bird flapped into our drab small cage and also made these wall surfaces dissolve away.”

In keeping with that is conversation top top opera, this is a reminder of simply how powerful music is together a language. That is the just language the is important universal because it belongs to everyone. Similar to Red, nevertheless of whether you know Susanna and the Contessa’s conversation throughout the duet (they space penning a letter to dupe the Count), the music is bound to speak to you on some level. And this is v all music at large. The is a language with which we deserve to all speak to every other; it is a language that love and unity due to the fact that music is developed as part of an act of togetherness between a wide range of people.

It also, together expressed in the film, calls for an action of listening together and sharing that endure with a team of people. As Mozart’s music plays over the speakers, Darabont lingers slightly on Andy, however cuts to many shots of guys from around the prison, standing side by side to take it in this experience. For the moment, regardless of their reasons for gift in that prison, these males are humanized, the film’s reminder the regardless of their past transgressions, they continue to be people. Music additionally belongs to them also.

It can not be lost on anyone that Darabont not just picked a Mozart opera, but that of all the selections he could choose, he picked 2 sopranos to enter into a film dominated by men. In fact, there is no significant female character in the entirety of “Shawshank Redemption,” which just adds come its sense of a closed-off world.

But here, the sudden appearance of female voices move the entire emotional feeling of the film, expanding the people of the story past the wall surfaces of the prison and the people of men to repeat the men and the audience the there is so much more.

As Andy later states when questioned over his actions, “There’s something inside the they can’t gain to, that they can not touch. It’s yours. Hope.”

From this suggest on, the film is all around clinging and also acting on that sense of hope. By the end of the movie, some of them will certainly be rewarded for it.

Experience this iconic moment below.

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By David Salazar

Prior to producing starrkingschool.net, DAVID SALAZAR, (Editor-in-Chief) worked as a reporter because that Latin article where that interviewed significant opera stars including Placido Domingo, Anna Netrebko, Vittorio Grigolo, Diana Damrau and also Rolando Villazon among others. His 2014 interview through opera star Kristine Opolais was cited in a new York time Review.

He also had the possibility of interviewing numerous Oscar nominees, gold Globe winners and also film sector giants together as billy del Toro, Oscar Isaac and John Leguizamo among others.

David hold a master in Media administration from Fordham University. During his time in ~ Fordham, the studied overseas at the Jagiellonian college in Poland. He also holds a twin bachelor’s indigenous Hofstra college in film Production and Journalism.