He wants her and her “Beautiful Soul,” but Jesse McCartney will certainly not be serenading his fiancée, Katie Peterson, v his struggle 2004 tune at their upcoming loss nuptials.You space watching: Jesse mccartney and also miley cyrus kissing

“I think i’m going to obtain up and also play. Ns don’t recognize what, but it will not be ‘Beautiful Soul.’ the will probably be something that I’ve composed or something the I’ve yet to write,” he told us Weekly exclusively. “I’m going to obtain up and probably play with several of my band. A the majority of the guys from my band room coming to the wedding, so it’ll be nice. Us can gain up there and also interrupt the wedding tape for a couple songs. If us haven’t had too lot wine at that point.”

The singer, who freshly dropped a new single called, “Kiss the world Goodbye,” defined why he and also Peterson’s huge day is no the ideal venue for his beforehand 2000’s popular music song. 


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“In the right setting, the great. Don’t get me wrong. I love play ‘Beautiful Soul’ because that the fans and on tour, yet it could be a small cheesy in ~ my wedding,” that teased. “It’s one of those songs the shaped mine career. And, that course, the a staple song on the collection list. We play the every tour and also I’ll be play at this tour. Ns touring again in November and also December that this year. So, it’ll be somewhere on the set list.”

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Peterson and also McCartney had actually to press their wedding date ago due to the Coronavirus pandemic, yet they’re looking forward to ultimately getting the unique day underway.

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“I don’t understand if it’s obtained bigger, yet it’s gotten much more expensive,” that admitted. “It was a bummer due to the fact that we got involved in the finish of 2019 and were looking at venues by the start of 2020, and we were thinking we’d it is in married by October that 2020. And then the all, the course, acquired put on hold. And it to be sad too, due to the fact that the very first venue that we saw, we fell in love with, and also we to be like, ‘This is our place, this is ours spot.’ everything just kinda kept acquiring pushed, but it didn’t get any bigger. It’ll about be, like, 150ish , we just finished picking the end invitations. Ns just uncovered a tuxedo, we’re putting all the puzzle pieces together. That a ton of work. You don’t realize it till you’re law it, just how much occupational it is.”

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While planning the wedding has actually been a large task, he and also Peterson haven’t had any kind of bridezilla or groomzilla moment — yet.

“To be honest, it’s been pretty to adjust back. I mean, ns sure, there’s quiet time. Us still have three month for one of us to autumn off the rails, however so far we’ve to be really great and we have very comparable tastes, for this reason it’s not favor we really fight or argue about any that the intuitive or production stuff,” the shared. “I understand what my roadway is. I’m not going to be in there saying, ‘Hey, you have to do this lace through this veil.’ She put me in charge of putting together the band, which was nice … everything she wants, that’s simply the mindset to have.”

Fans deserve to see Peterson and McCartney together in the music video clip for “Kiss the human being Goodbye,” and they can additionally hear exactly how the actress influenced his latest music in the lyrics.See more: just how Is The Iliad and also The Odyssey Are instances Of Which form Of Poetry?

“She’s certainly a huge muse for this album and you have the right to hear that lyrically. That too certain not come be about a specific person,” that noted. “I think the new album coming out is some of my best writing, and some the the many poignant writing.

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really talks around what it’s prefer for me as an artist, cultivation up in the industry and also what it’s like being in a relationship and also being in the industry. I think really accessible for people.”

McCartney’s brand-new album is comes this fall and also you have the right to listen to his current single here.

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