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SOLD – john Deere 332 for Sale

Deere 332 Garden Tractor Specs:

16HP Yanmar 3 cylinder (3-CYL) diesel engineHydrostatic transmission50″-inch hydraulic elevator mower deck w/ brand-new blades, bearings, belts, Idler, and deck wheelsAll brand-new tires, Carlisle At101 24×12.00-12 rear tiresPower steeringNew batteryYear: 1987Hours meter reads: 853

Tractor has actually been disassembled, Media blasted, epoxy primed, painted in automotive class urethane, and then reassembled v stainless steel hardware and also all new decals and also seat.

Also has new filters and also fluids…ready come mow!


About the john Deere 332 Lawn Tractor:

Often believed of together the “diesel version” of the john Deere 318, the Deere 332 garden tractor readily available features the predecessor the man Deere 330 didn’t – hydrostatic strength steering and dual hydraulics. Man Deere 332 tractors began rolling off the assembly line roughly 1987, with production ceasing in 1992. In ~ the time, owners had the an option between a mower deck as tiny as a 38″ cutting width, as much as the more popular 46″ and also 50″ widths.

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