Chapter 8

Axel and also Professor Lidenbrock collection out ~ above their means to Copenhagen, Denmark, in bespeak to book passage top top a delivery going come Iceland; according to their an enig document, this is where the journey right into the earth begins. The 2 take a collection of short trips by carriage, train, and steamship till they finally arrive. Passing us off as nothing an ext than tourists wanting to view Iceland, they discover a ship set to sail in a few days’ time.

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Having secured your transport, Lidenbrock directs Axel roughly the city, exploring the sites. The professor notices a church v an exterior staircase the spirals up the exterior of a tower. He insists they climb it. Axel is reluctant, but Lidenbrock chides him for being a “coward,” and so lock proceed. Axel has actually a dizzy and also unpleasant experience of the climb, possibly revealing the Axel is no as bold and adventurous together his uncle is, however he perseveres, joining his uncle because that the exact same climb end the next 5 days.

Chapter 9

The work of exit comes, and also their delivery sets sail because that Iceland. The journey lasts ten days and also is mostly without incident. As the schooner come in port, the professor shows Axel the hill with a double peak that is their destination, reminding that to save it secret. Castle disembark and meet their host, an associate of the professor, who reflects them come his house.

Lidenbrock walk to research study at the public library, leaving Axel alone to check out the city. Axel wanders v Reykjavík, i m sorry he finds an unremarkable city consisting of two “bleak, boring avenues.” Axel expresses the same opinion the the local residents; he states that the females wear “sad, resigned faces,” while the males never smile. Axel returns to their host’s house, wherein he find his uncle waiting.

Chapter 10

Professor Lidenbrock and also Axel enjoy a dinner with their host, Mr. Fridriksson, a guy not as scholarly as the professor, but educated nonetheless. Fridriksson and also Lidenbrock comment on various scientific matters, throughout which the professor casually steers the conversation, attempting to acquire information without giving away his secret. That is successful in learning that the works of the writer that the parchment, a sixteenth-century icelandic scholar, have all been destroyed, definition that no one however himself likely knows the secret. The manages to have actually their hold suggest that they check out the really mountain they room heading to. Fridriksson educates them that they cannot happen by water, as was Lidenbrock’s intention, and instead offers them a guide, a highly-skilled hunter, who will take them there. They agree to satisfy the overview the following day.

Chapter 11

Axel wakes to hear his uncle speak loudly come a male in the next room. That goes to join them and meets Hans Bjelke, the overview who will certainly take them to the mountain. Axel defines Hans together a huge man, “clearly of unusual strength,” with long, red hair. He speak no more than he has actually to, yet he seems much more calm and also composed than unfriendly. Lidenbrock rental Hans to take it them to the city at the basic of the mountain and stay through them for your journey, although that does no tell Hans any specific details as to what the journey might entail. They every agree to leave in 2 days.

Axel and also the professor spend the next two days arranging their gives for the trip, consisting of climbing gear, navigation equipment, and also provisions. During this time, they to visit a dinner at which the professor is given a topographical map the Iceland.

The day arrives for them come leave. Lock bid farewell to Fridriksson, mount their horses, and leave.

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Chapter 12

Professor Lidenbrock and also Axel follow Hans, that travels top top foot, and...