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After girlfriend beat Sora's Heartless, lock Oblivion native Kingdom Hearts: Chain that Memories will certainly be unlocked. Sadly, no fight cards, just people cards.

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Unlockable:How to unlock:Beat Sora's HeartlessCastle Oblivion unlocked

eliminators truly are powerful, they also have their own trophy for taking 1 down. However i have actually a beneficial useful hints:

* don't acquire to close, the shield have the right to bite

* if you walk to far, they will simply teleport to you

* they have the right to shoot beams from their shield that have the right to weigh friend down, which deserve to be fatal, due to the fact that you desire to stay in the air

* they can freeze girlfriend in ar or ignite you, (though i may be confuse this component with the defenders)

* you finest bet is to usage keyblade zero/one, lady luck, oathkeeper, or if you room lucky sufficient to have actually won it, the ultima weapon.

remember, lock can assault with your shield and can (obviously) block attacks. Never shot to use long variety magic attacks, they can not block win raid, and additionally have curaga in your ability deck. As lengthy as you stay behind them, you must stay alright, though it is daunting to gain behind them, together they turn to confront you, and can teleport to where you are no much longer behind it. Use dodge roll to gain behind them, and strike with every little thing you got (basic attack, magic, deck command, etc.) however be warned, they have the right to shoot a homing beam from their shield, yet it can be block, i additionally carry roughly potions and healing items. I also suggest transferring something the keeps friend from being weighed down, so with this you need to be familiar with the eliminator and its weaknesses, and also you have to be prepared for the following time you encounter an eliminator, also, that is a great idea to have GLIDE equipped, (center capacity unit top top the stat matrix, accessible after girlfriend beat the game). And also eliminators have high strength and health and also take a while come kill. Good luck!

Code:Effect:lady luckrestores hp v blockzero/onegreat strength and good for crushing heartlessoathkeeperhas the lvl 2 regen, i beg your pardon is good, because it restores health.
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To get a Trophy, you have to meet certain conditions in the game. There room 30 in all. Each one gives a chip because that the Stat procession that increases HP by 2, strength by 1, Magic by 1, and also Defense by 1. Also, collecting 20 allows you come look in ~ the an enig movie video.

Unlockable:How to unlock:Avatar CollectorGet 50+% of the Avatar parts from the Avatar Sector.Avatar SweeperComplete every 100 floors in the Avatar Sector.Champion CollectorFind 70+% of every items, cheats, chips, weapons, and also abilities.CheaterUse every one of the cheats.Closed BookFinish the storyline.Converter LV. 100Bring one command come Lv. 100.Converter LV. 100Bring one command come Lv. 100 with the labeling.Critical AcclaimComplete all civilizations on crucial difficulty.EliminatorDefeat the Eliminator.Fatal FlawlessComplete a world, start to finish, with the HP Cheat collection to 0%.Ice TitanBeat the ice cream Titan in layer 30 that Olympus Coliseum.Justice for AllDefeat every kinds that enemies, even bosses (except the Buggy Roxas of hollow Bastion"s system Sector), at least once.Lord of LootLearn 80+% of what enemies" fall are.Proud AchievementComplete all worlds on Proud or critical difficulty.Quest BesterFinish all quests.Rare compensation RoundupFind all rare Prize Blox.Sector SweeperFind and finish every floors that all mechanism Sectors, also the extra ones.Sultan the SlotPut one chip of any kind in every slot that the Stat Matrix.TechnicianComplete all people with a Level under 15.Twilight TriumphDefeat the mystery opponent of castle Oblivion.W1 speed RunnerComplete W1 (Destiny Islands) in 5 minutes or less.W2 speed RunnerComplete W2 (Traverse Town) in 15 minutes or less.W3 rate RunnerComplete W3 (Wonderland) in 15 minutes or less.W4 speed RunnerComplete W4 (Olympus Coliseum) in 10 minutes or less.W5 rate RunnerComplete W5 (Agrabah) in 15 minutes or less.W6 speed RunnerComplete W6 (Hollow Bastion component 1) in 15 minutes or less.W7 rate RunnerComplete W7 (Hollow Bastion component 2) in 30 minute or less.W8 speed RunnerComplete W8 (Castle Oblivion) in 10 minutes or less.

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Weapon WizardMax the end the level of every Keyblade.
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