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Just restored a a 1960"s lawnboy mower through a D-400 engine on it. My question is: what is a an excellent gas/oil ratio for this old gal? I have been told everything from 16:1 to 50:1. Also, can I use a synthetic? I usage a man-made marketed by Honda in my small Honda scooters and also it works actual well. One gentleman on the web mentioned one oil dubbed Opti-2 and also swore up and down the mixes it in ~ a 70:1 ratio and uses it in his advertising lawn equipment.So confused as to what I have to put in the old gal.JOHN

As per OMC Lawnboy recommends 16:1 ratio on engines manufactured prior to 1972. 1972 and also newer recommended proportion was 32:1. The only exemption to this to be the oil injected "M" collection which injected oil and ran at various ratio"s depending on speed and load.I would certainly stick to the Lawnboy recommended proportion on the older D series engines, as they have actually a bushing on the PTO next of the engine fairly then bearings.
most of those ratios are based on older oil. Ns am not sure if the new stuff will perform well at a high ratio. if you know the original weight the the oil that the unit to be made in mind for you could should use that. Just a thought anyway.

most of those ratios are based on older oil. I am not sure if the new stuff will do well in ~ a high ratio. If you recognize the original weight of the oil that the unit to be made in mind for you could should usage that. Just a thought anyway.
For many engines I would agree, yet the last organization update ns attended because that Lawnboy (about 4 years ago) emphasized these ratios because that the larger engines. One have the right to of course take it their opportunities with newer man-made oils, they might be simply fine in ~ the higher ratios.
wow. Lawnboy had actually a business update? nice!and thats kinda why i stated the what load was the oil climate idea... 5w-20 might work various then 10w-40. It would certainly be amazing to mix a newer oil at the higher ratio and see what happens. Too negative i cant get that old lawnboy 2 bicycle we got to run.
Deathrite;If you have an old Lawnboy and also it has spark and also compression it will certainly run. Have a great one. Geo
old lawnboy. Last us looked (and if ns recall right) no spark, short compression, kill switch to be discontinued, and i seem to think the carb was rusted a great bit. OH and the cable to the death switch was going to expense us (dealer cost) end $55. If us get another one in can can make 2 from one.
i just picked increase a gold 63 lawn young . It has actually a ring 18 emblem and also a design num3052. It likewise has english and also french warnings ~ above the former of deck. Has actually what apears come say dmg on side of moter. Any type of info in ~ all would certainly be of good help. Give thanks to you very much


wow. Lawnboy had actually a business update? nice!and it is kinda why i discussed the what load was the oil then idea... 5w-20 could work different then would be amazing to mix a more recent oil at the greater ratio and also see what happens.too negative i cant gain that old lawnboy 2 cycle we gained to run.

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