I have a Anthony Gunite pool, around 25 years old and in an excellent condition. This comes summer, 2009, I will be away for numerous weeks and also I would really much like to save the pool closed. The is, I want to skip a summer of use and also not open it till the summer the 2010.

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Would ns cause any damage come the pool? i would store it covered, save the water level really low and also throw in algecide and also shock every couple of weeks. Has anyone ever before done this?

Thank girlfriend for any type of information you may have.


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It"s difficult to say even if it is you"ll be able to maintain the water high quality in the pool, but my problem would be much more toward staining and plumbing. In mine 40 years of working v pools, there have been very few pool covers and also cover installations the don"t allow some degree of debris through. Also a good organic silt, if left to lay ~ above the bottom the the pool, would have the potential to deep stain the gunite

My emotion is that you may be able to avoid the use of the swimming pool all summer, yet leave yourself open up to the possibility that you may need to open and also close it. By opening the swimming pool at some suggest you will be able to vacuum, filter and also circulate. By maintaining the sheathe on you have the right to avoid a daily filter run due to the fact that the debris load will it is in minimal. So, you have the right to minimize the price to run the pool during the summer, however you would still must filter and vacuum some, circulate the water as soon as you introduce chemicals, and also you would still have actually a pool closing at the finish of the season.

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My other, and bigger, concern with not opening the swimming pool at every is that ns wouldn"t to trust last years winterization to organize you with two winters. If there has been any type of kind of plug failure, regardless of just how small, gaining through one winter is generally ok due to the fact that only a small amount of water would go into the pipes end the food of possibly three to 4 months. But to trust the it has actually held chop for 2 winters is a gamble that ns personally would not take. I"ve checked out what deserve to happen and also it"s no pretty and it"s seldom inexpensive. The price to run the filter because that a couple of minutes over the summer, and the price of one more pool closeup of the door is an extremely cheap insurance money to defend the finish of the pool and also the verity of her underground plumbing and also equipment.