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Joey Graceffa and also Daniel Preda separation in April of 2020, yet they continued to live together and waited 3 months before announcing your breakup online. Joey Graceffa/YouTube

YouTubers Joey Graceffa and also Daniel Preda required to YouTube top top July 12 come announce their split after six years the dating.

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Graceffa told his 9.4 million subscribers the the pair had broken up 3 months prior, but they continued to live with each other amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

"It to be obviously not appropriate timing," he claimed of the split.

While the breakup occurred amid a pandemic and also time the upheaval, the decision come go your separate ways was not a an outcome of "everything walking on" in the world, the couple explained. Big issues in your relationship, lock said, simply came to light amid lockdown.

"This has actually been coming for a bit, " Preda said, "And the human being just slowed down and also said, "Wake up, b-tch, you need to focus on yourself.""

"We didn"t really have any type of distractions to keep us indigenous what"s been kinda building up over the past couple years," Graceffa added.

The pair has also settled an agreement about the care of their dogs. Graceffa and Preda will certainly be dividing up their pets, however they will arrange playdates because that the pups and care for each other"s pets when necessary.


Sire and also McAtee, who have a linked 4 million-subscriber following, announced their breakup in a YouTube video posted ~ above February 5. Scotty Sire/YouTube

YouTubers Scotty Sire and Kristen McAtee announced your breakup in early February via a six-minute video uploaded come Sire"s channel, appropriately titled "we broke up."

Sire, who YouTube channel boasts 2.9 million subscribers, met McAtee, who has her own 1.2 million-subscriber following, in 2015. Because that the next 5 years, the two produced content together and also separately — from food preparation vlogs, to relationship update videos, come imitations of girlfriend David Dobrik"s content.

"There"s no right method to carry out this, and we can look like goofs best now," a teary McAtee joked in the video. "But we broke up."

"It"s difficult," Sire added, "but we understand it"s the appropriate thing."

Ultimately, McAtee said, the two had outgrown the relationship. "I think it just gained to a point where us just thrived apart. Us weren"t cultivation together anymore," she explained.

The exes assured viewers the they will continue to be friends, perhaps even reuniting because that a food preparation video. And McAtee will be keeping the couple"s beloved dog, Link.

The video, at the time of this post, has actually received over 4 million views.


Jason Ethier and also Alexia Marano released a joint channel referred to as "Dream Team" shortly prior to their breakup in January the 2020. Jason Ethier/ YouTube

Jason Ethier, well-known by his 5.5 million subscribers as JayStation, led to an online uproar in January throughout his tumultuous split with girlfriend and also fellow YouTuber Alexia Marano.

On January 21, Ethier uploaded a now-deleted video to his channel, claiming that Marano had been killed by a drunk driver. In the following days, the uploaded added vlogs of self visiting Marano"s an alleged memorial and also communicating v her via ouija board.

Ethier"s subscribers, who perceived his behavior as suspect and also tasteless, expressed upset in the comments ar of the videos and also demanded a solution from the 29-year-old vlogger.

On January 27, Ethier posted another video admitting the Marano was, indeed, alive. The scheme, that said, to be the couple"s joint effort to rise the complying with of their prank channel Dream Team. He likewise claimed the Marano had actually left him and was accusing him of attack with a weapon.

"Alexia is trying to ruin my life due to the fact that of videos that she aided me make," he stated in the since-deleted video, which got over one million views.

Marano responded to she ex"s insurance claims with a video clip of she own, in i beg your pardon she refuse wanting any kind of involvement in the hoax and also accused Ethier of being controlling and manipulative throughout your relationship.

On February 3, Ethier to be arrested on fees of assault and also assault v a weapon, follow to a statement from Toronto Police.

The two ultimately reconciled, posting a video clip on their jointly-owned YouTube channel called Dream Team on April 4.


assembly mogul Jeffree Starr announced his breakup through boyfriend Nathan Schwandt in January, just weeks after 2 posted a video clip tour the their brand-new mansion. Amy Harris/Invision/AP

Makeup mogul and YouTube phenom Jeffree star announced his separation with boyfriend Nathan Schwandt in a YouTube video clip titled "We broke Up,"posted ~ above January 11.

"I never ever thought the day would certainly come where I"d be sitting right here talking around this," Starr told his 17.4 million subscribers, confirming the rumors that started weeks earlier when Star disappeared from society media and also removed every mentions of Schwandt from his profiles. "I"m starting this year turn off alone."

The YouTube star described that Schwandt, who appeared in lot of videos through Starr over the food of their five-year relationship, struggled to adapt to the pressure of viral fame. "It"s difficult because Nathan never wanted to be in the spotlight," the said.

The pain of the split, Starr said, was compounded by betrayals native family.

"We"ve had actually family shot to reach out to the media to do money off of me and Nathan"s breakup," the said. "I don"t also know exactly how to procedure that. We"re over here heartbroken, dealing with our emotions, taking care of things behind the scenes and also off-camera, and also there"s family trying come tell the media fake stories, get money out of it."

Throughout the 17-minute video, Starr referred to Schwandt together his "soulmate" and also his "one and only love."

Starr closed out the video by thanking his subscribers for their support and also promising to return soon with assembly content.

The video, at the moment of this post, has actually received end 30 million views.

Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau to reduce $500,000 on a ras Vegas wedding in July that 2019, back the 2 never obtained an official marriage license. Denise Truscello / Getty pictures

YouTube nobility (and arguably, the many controversial creators top top the platform) Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau required to Instagram to announce their split on January 2, just six month after their ras Vegas wedding.

The pair went public v their "relationship" in April the 2019 by posting videos of your hangouts to your respective networks — concurrently cuddling, admitting the videos were simply to stoke the flames that YouTube gossip, and kissing. Paul also referred to the pair together "two the the greatest sociopaths on the Internet."

Two month later, Paul proposed come Mongeau on she 21st very first birthday, fueling recurring confusion around the legitimacy of the relationship. The couple"s lavish July wedding — costing a report $500,000 — associated private jets, a mansion, multiple wedding cakes, a replica the Jon Snow"s knife from "Game the Thrones," and also even a mid-ceremony fistfight.

The YouTube stars never ever actually made your union legal; the pair didn"t authorize a marriage license because, as Mongeau stated in a video about the wedding day, saying legally-binding paperwork "takes far the love."

Paul"s Instagram short article announcing the "break" from the relationship, posted on January 2, featured a photo of the couple snuggling v their dog, Thor.

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"As Tana and also I sit beside each other writing captions around taking a break we"re precise laughing at just how crazy and stupid the past couple months have been," the wrote. The 22-year-old insisted that he wouldn"t "change anything that happened" and that two stay "best friends."

He joked that while he would certainly retain custody of their dog, Tana would be maintaining his prized Lamborghini.

as Tana and also I sit beside each various other writing captions about taking a break we’re literally laughing at just how crazy and stupid the past pair months have been and cracking jokes at how silly this all seems. I’m maintaining custody of Thor however Tana regrettably gets my Lamborghini