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Refers to conch shell which gathers the boys.

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Symbolic of authority shell represents (boys immediately respond to it)

Reference to World War Two and the sound of the air raid sirens and shell from the bombs.

Fire is a distress signal.

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Shows the boys understanding of what can be done to help them get rescued.

Creates a view of paradise as a beautiful sanctuary away from reality and society. Ironic that huts are usually temporary locations but the boys seem to be stuck on the island.
Painted face hides the identity of someone. The children are losing their identity following Jack. Long hair shows descent into savagery- no tidiness like at home and in school. Suggests the creation of a tribe.
Water usually seen as pure which suggests the beast comes from purity. The water is what separates them from society and traps them on the island.
The beast has grown and now suffocates and traps them completely. Dead pilot on parachute falls on island and the boys think it is the beast.
Like an adventure for the boys to find the beast (mystery). Shadows are their fears and the trees make a different world for the boys which brings out the darkness in themselves. Like the unconscious mind - always there but not always seen (hidden beneath the surface).
Juxtaposes gift (happiness) with darkness. Sacrificial act like tribal people do (pig is killed). Foreshadows a killing.
Refers to parachutist"s death and Simon"s. Turning point in the boys" behaviour and shows how far from civilisation they have come.
Two objects with power of some sort (authority and wisdom). Suggests authority will become more fragile and foreshadows the loss of wisdom and knowledge (Piggy"s death).
Home of violent and barbaric activity. Symbolism of security and relief as Piggy and Simon are both safe now and do not have to suffer on the island any longer.
Double meaning- hunters chasing Ralph and at the end when they realise they will face consequences for their actions.
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