Synopsis: cheeky grandma Madea floor in jail, where she meets a range of mixed-up characters.

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That old lady is crazy.

You have the right to say that again.

Good morning, all.

- good morning.

- great morning.

I trust we reviewed our cases

over the weekend?


You"re watching

that Mabel Simmons case.

- It"s all over the news.

- Right.

Now, the old woman has been giving

the police the blues every one of her life.

- She was an ugly baby.

- Okay.

- small theft at 9.

- Oh, my goodness.

Illegal gambling in ~ 18.

That Afro is thirsty.

Check fraud.

Not bad. No bad.

- identify theft.

- Lord, aid her.

Insurance fraud.

Okay, everything,

except attempted murder.

- test murder.

- There us go.

Oh, my goodness.

- Assault.

- Nice.

The list goes on and on

and for this reason on and so on.

Unfortunately, our fine police officers may

have do a wrong on she takedown.

So we need to handle this through care.

Who desires it?

Don"t every volunteer in ~ the same time.

You"re an alleged to be help me.

We have actually no volunteers

for the Simmons case?


Linda, it"s all yours.

Thank you. Protect against laughing.

By the way, let"s congratulate

our Linda Davis...

...on she 89 percent conviction rate.

Thank you.

With numbers favor that,

you"ll it is in DA one day.

- Okay.

- That"s my girl.

Everyone else, let"s examine the boards

for the new cases and let"s gain to court.

All right.

- Honey, over there goes our appointment.

- i know.

And you"re all damaged up around it.

- ns am. I gained a the majority of work anyway.

- ns know.

That"s every right. After ~ this case,

it"s just you and me, Tanya.

Good, that will give me time

to speak you out...

...of this taffeta

bridesmaids dresses.

Wha-? You like them,

don"t you, baby?

Take my advice,

just nod and say yes.

- the course.

- You"re weak.

Yeah, he"s smart.

- You"re smart.

- I"m smart.

- give thanks to you.

- I"ll check out you later.

- all right.

- sign that for me. Say thanks to you.

- and you have actually fun through that.

- thank you.


- You collection a date.

- Yes, I set a date.

You recognize you"re gonna need

a best man.

Told friend I gained brothers.

But her brothers have actually not been

the kind of friend the I"ve been to you.

Chuck, the only reason you wanna be

in my wedding is girlfriend wanna be seen.

- the hurts.

- Yes.

That really hurts.

But you are right.

Linda"s parents, they"re loaded, Josh.

The governor"s gonna it is in there.

The mayor"s gonna be there.

- acquire out the here.

- Come on. Hook your boy up.

- I require you to it is in my usher.

- ns don"t want- Listen.

- That"s critical job.

- What have the right to I say?

I simply don"t know.

I simply don"t know, Cora.

I just don"t know.

Uncle Joe, room you all right?

Uncle Joe?

Breathe, Joe, breathe.

You- you okay?

I"m good, Cora. Revolve that oxygen up.

You"re not supposed to it is in smoking

around oxygen. That"s the problem.

Oxygen is everywhere in the air.

If you light a cigarette,

you"re lighting the in oxygen.

If friend ain"t got oxygen,

fire won"t work.

- discover some chemistry, honey. Learn.

- Chemistry?

What the hell you talking about?

You don"t know what you talk about.

- Oh, you-

- This helps my-

My blood pressure.

Smoke to help my blood pressure.

Fool around and blow you,

your blood press up.

That"s right.

This right here is an excellent for you.

It"s great for you.

It came directly down native heaven.

God sent it down- and also he sent out Viagra.

He sent this and also he sent that oxygen.

You put them all together, you"ll take

a mrs to heaven and also back.

Thank you.

How friend gonna sit there,

talk around God...

...with a share in her hand

and part Viagra?

God made this.

He made the birds and also the bees

and the flowers and these trees.

Joe, you"re just like your sister.

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Both of y"all are going to hell.

- What?


Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry (born Emmitt Perry Jr.; September 13, 1969) is one American actor, playwright, and filmmaker. In 2011, Forbes detailed him as the highest paid guy in entertainment, earning $130 million USD in between May 2010 and also 2011.Perry created and also performs the Madea character, a difficult elderly black color woman. Perry"s movies vary in format from orthodox filmmaking methods to filmed productions the live stage plays. Perry is estimated to have actually earned about US$75 million through 2008. Countless of Perry"s stage-play movies have been subsequently adjusted as films.Perry wrote and produced plenty of stage plays throughout the 1990s and early 2000s. Perry has emerged several tv series, many notably Tyler Perry"s residence of Payne, which ran for eight periods on TBS from June 21, 2006, to respectable 10, 2012. ~ above October 2, 2012, Perry to win an exclude, multi-year partnership with Oprah Winfrey and her Oprah Winfrey Network. The partnership was mostly for the services of bringing scripted television to the OWN, based upon Perry"s vault success in this area. Perry has developed multiple scripted collection for the network, The Haves and the have Nots being its most successful. The Haves and also the have Nots has offered OWN its highest ratings to date as of 2014, v the series also referred to as "one that OWN"s greatest success stories with its weekly sheep of soapy fun, filled with the common betrayals, affairs, and also manipulations."more…