Nikita"s engaged pair is around to fight a an extremely rough patch.On the winter premiere, Nikita (Maggie Q) and also Michael (Shane West) tracked under Amanda (Melinda Clarke) and also her cohort anne (Sarah Allen), bring about an intense vehicle pursuit and shootout. As soon as Michael"s vehicle flipped and...

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Nikita"s engaged coupleis about to hit a really rough patch.

On the winter premiere, Nikita (Maggie Q) and Michael (Shane West) tracked under Amanda (Melinda Clarke) and her cohort ann (Sarah Allen), causing an intense vehicle pursuit and shootout. When Michael"s vehicle flipped and pinned his hand under it, Nikita did the just thing she can to conserve him native getting captured in the impending explosion — chop his hand off. The autumn from the trauma will certainly test the pair over the comes weeks.

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"After last week"s episode things are going to adjust between Michael and Nikita and start to acquire really difficult for them again, so human being need to gain ready because that a rougher drive emotionally," Q tells "When human being go v tragic situations it"s not that there is no love there, yet it"s so difficult to resolve and sometimes the gap starts to happen. I understand Nikita is yes, really trying and she yes, really loves him and they"ve gone with so lot to it is in together, so it"s walking to it is in a small bit ~ above Michael when we begin to check out the troubles emerge."

Another obstacle in the pair"s way, at least in Michael"s eyes, is the return of former department cleaner Owen (Devon Sawa). On Friday"s episode (8/7c, The CW), Owen starts to address his life pre-Division. "We start to touch ~ above Owen"s challenges, what that doesn"t know about his past and how division and Amanda space directly linked to that," Q says.

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While Nikita is happy to have her friend back, Michael isn"t so keen on it.

"Michael has constantly had a thing once Owen is around because there is a clean friendship between Nikita and also Owen, and also he"s clear a good-looking guy and also formidable and skilled," Q says. "It"s funny. Michael just has a distaste because that him. In Michael"s world, Owen would certainly take the possibility with Nikita provided the opportunity, and also so he"s always guarded versus that."

If Michael and Nikita have the right to move past their hurdles, will certainly they actually obtain married? Q really hopes not!

"I jokingly stated on Jimmy Fallon, "If over there are any type of weddings or babies top top this show, I"m done." This is not a soap opera. The present has to pace and also it really can"t dip as soon as it concerns the suspense and also thriller part. I want human being to it is in happy, but these space very complicated people and their circumstances are an altering all the time and that to me is exciting and also fulfilling."

Do you desire to view Michael and also Nikita in reality walk down the aisle? execute you think Owen is an actual hazard to "Mikita"s" happiness?