Marriage is a private Affair by Chinua Achebe is a touching tale around two young human being in love who shot to break away from society traditions and also pressures. The story will offer you a deep insight and understanding right into the traditions and beliefs of the people of Africa wherein the culture is divided into country groups and tribes.

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The story opens up in the city the Lagos through Nene and Nnaemeka talking over the concern of their current engagement. Nene wants him to create a letter to his father and inform him around it yet Nnaemeka desires to execute it personally as soon as he goes to his town during the vacation since he is certain that his father will certainly not prefer this news. Nene has actually lived in Lagos since her childhood and so she doesn’t recognize much around people in remote parts of the country. Nnaemeka is conscious of the reality that similar to elsewhere, in his village also a person’s tribe determines who he married that too only with the consent of his parents. He tries to describe things come Nene however she no understand and also leaves it come Nnaemeka.

On his means back Nnaemeka again reads the end the letter he has recently received from his father stating the he had chosen a girl Ugoye Nweke for him. Nnaemeka has actually known this girl because childhood and also he smiled as he assumed of this naughty girl Ugoye Nweke who used to beat boys in the school. His father was happy with his an option because Ugoye had actually a appropriate Christian upbringing and an excellent character.

The story climate takes a leap together Nnaemeka has involved his native village during the vacation. That asks because that forgiveness native his father together it is difficult for him to marry Ugoye. That discloses come his dad his connection with NeneAtang with whom that plans to marry. His dad is so shocked through this news that rather of bursting the end in anger as is his nature he becomes absolutely silent.

The next day the father tries to make him recognize the ill effects of marriage external one’s people calling that devil’s work. Nnaemeka comes ago with a sad heart hoping that one day his father’s timeless views will change. Nnaemeka was the an initial in his village to marry a girl indigenous a various tribe and also that is why his dad gets concerned even despite he himself doesn’t believe in the superstitious ideas like other villagers.

All the villagers gathered approximately Okeke and expressed concern over this strange act of his son, i m sorry they considered ‘the start of the end’. Lock were sure that the boy’s mind to be diseased and must be treated by a herbalist. But Okeke did not believe in the superstitions widespread in the village. The villagers discussed their local herbalist that was killed by his own medicine.

Despite all this Nnaemeka and Nene got married. The story moves more six months and also they receive a letter indigenous Okeke in i beg your pardon he mirrors his annoyance and also anger by cutting the wedding picture sent by his son. That declares his refusal of Nene also. This letter harms them terribly however Nnaemeka is still optimistic that his father’s basic good nature will readjust his see one day.

As time overcome by the Ibo girlfriend of Nnaemeka realize that their married life is an extremely good. Castle now know that for marriage, love and also understanding space required and not the exact same tribe. News of your being one of the the happiest couple’s get the village also. Yet no one dares to speak to Okeke around it. He had actually made good efforts come forget Nnaemeka although it had been very painful because that him.

Then sooner or later Okeke received a letter from Nene. Unwillingly the reads it. Nene notifies him that he has actually two grandsons and also both are now grown-up. Every work they asking for their grandfather and also Nene writes that she doesn’t know what reply she must offer to them. She earnestly requests the to allow them to fulfill him together with Nnaemeka throughout the coming vacation and also that she herself would not come.

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This letter considerably moves Okeke. All these years he had actually hardened himself however today in ~ the assumed of his grandsons his love melts. That feels the he had done great injustice come them and also now he have to open the door that his residence for them, in a way open his heart for them.