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My truck runs rough, I"ve talked about this before in vault threads but supposedly if friend unplug a recognized to be good MAF (mas air flow sensor) the engine have to die. I tried this on my 04 Silverado 4.3 and also it didn"t die, the RPMs lower a bit but didn"t come close to dying. So before I waste any an ext money on replacing great parts deserve to a MAF sensor reason a consistent engine mis?
I am no sure about the 4.3l however the V8"s should revert to rate density control if the MAF signal is bad. In speed density regulate the MAP, IAT and engine rate is used to calculate the quantity of fuel come inject for this reason it must keep running. What codes room you getting?

That"s the thing, I"ve gained no codes. A while ago I had a password PO128 which to be the CTS (coolant temperature sensor) but I replace it and the thermostat with no change in the way it runs. I"m just tired of dumping money in this thing, I"m walk to check for vacuum leaks again but this time I"ll carry out the smoke trick so I can actually see if there room leaks.
Under what conditions is it to run rough? Highway speeds, idle, city driving, etc. Again ns am not acquainted with the V6s yet if it to be me ns would check out what my quick term and long ax fuel trims room doing under the conditions when the is to run rough. You pointed out the CTS instead of so I would look come make certain it is going right into closed loop fuel monitoring when at operating temperature. If you have actually a password reader several of them can look in ~ live data to obtain what I suggest you look at. If you can obtain a collection of live data article it for this reason we have the right to see what may be walk on.

My code reader doesn"t check out live data . It"s at idle once it"s running rough and sometimes it operation smooth. Ns drove to job-related yesterday (15 highway miles) and i was idling smooth when I gained to work, this particular day it to be idling rough as soon as I got there so ns guess it"s intermittent however I checked the spark at each plug wire through a time light and they all were flashing the same, no blank spots simply all the exact same so I"m thinning it"s no an electrical.problem or room there more test I deserve to do?

yes a bad/dirty MAF sensor can reason issues, and also misfires... But so can poor plugs or plug wires..make certain your plugs and plug wires are good.. AC Delco and also NGK are the best brands to usage for wires and plugs.. Make sure no cracked ceramics on plugs..get a can of CRC Mass airflow Sensor Cleaner and clean her MAF sensor.. And make certain you reinstall it encountering the exactly direction.. The arrow on it have to be pointing towards the throttle body/engine...

My truck runs rough, I"ve talked around this prior to in vault threads but supposedly if you unplug a well-known to be an excellent MAF (mas air circulation sensor) the engine must die. I tried this on my 04 Silverado 4.3 and also it didn"t die, the RPMs lowered a bit yet didn"t come close to dying. So prior to I rubbish any much more money ~ above replacing an excellent parts can a MAF sensor cause a consistent engine mis?
No it will not die. Why would certainly you replace a MAF unless you broke the filament inside. It should be analysis 4.3g/s in ~ idle. A straightforward cleaning with MAF or electrical cleaner should resolve any type of issues through the MAF if you are throwing a MAF code.Do you have any codes?A misfire is usually led to by plugs, wires, cap, rotor, climate we move on come things prefer worn distributor gear, short fuel pressure, vacuum leak, low compression.
I"ve acquired a negative feeling it"s a compression issue. I"ve changed the plugs, plug wires, distributor, spider injectors, thermostat and the CTS through no help. I tried to do a compression test but the water tap fitting got stuck in the plug hole and also it took me an hour to acquire it out but the compression top top number 2 cylinder was about 130psi. I gave up that night yet will try again tomorrow.
Dont forget to carry out a leak under test when you are at it.Leaking valves are more common than piston ring problems
I am having actually a very comparable problem and have gone v almost all of the very same tests. I just discovered this diagnostic details when i threw the critical misfire code and was wonder if anybody would know just how to review it. I"m not quite sure what I"m looking for if that is a fuel problem.
I am having a very similar problem and also have gone through almost every one of the very same tests. I just discovered this diagnostic information when i threw the last misfire code and was wondering if anybody would know exactly how to check out it. I"m not rather sure what I"m in search of if it is a fuel problem.

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Can you start your very own thread with the codes, symptoms and stuff that was done.That scan data watch fine come me. Short and also long ax fuel trims are normal.
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