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Men the Magnitude

Men of size is the location Sam and Hally provide to their list of civilization who have been significant social reformers.

Hally"s Books

Hally supplies his school textbooks to educate Sam in subject like history and mathematics.

Sam"s Room

Sams" room at the Jubilee Boarding House became a safe haven because that Hally while the was growing up. It to be there that he and also Sam forged your close relationship.


The kite that Sam do from a pair of wooden sticks and Hally"s mother"s old autumn brings back fond memories because that Hally. Come him, that symbolizes a funny day in his childhood but to Sam, that symbolizes his effort to gain Hally come look up and also avoid feeling shame.

Ballroom Dancing

Throughout the play, Sam and also Willie are preparing for a ballroom to dance competition. Sam equates dancing v beauty, fluidity and a human being in which...

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