It’s to be fifteen years because the original High institution Musical (HSM) changed the stays of children, preteens, and teens all over the world. Many would surely tho remember the significant casts such together Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, and many more. Adding names come the club, Matt Prokop and Jemma McKenzie-Brown additionally got a spot during the 3rd installment the the film.

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The an initial HSM movie was so well-received that a sequel was automatically announced, adhered to by another. The franchise had gained enough traction by the third film come merit a theatrical release. Yet like any movie, over there are plenty of problems the the characters run right into – specifically during the High school Musical 3: an elderly Year, whereby actors Matt and Jemma promoted a romantic relationship in genuine life. However why walk the couple break up?

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Matt Prokop and also Jemma McKenzie-Brown’s Relationship

film sets may be a productive place because that romance. The heart desires what the heart wants, no matter how professional actors strive to be. As soon as you spend a far-ranging amount that time working very closely with your coworkers, practicing present in the situation of actors, love sentiments are unavoidable, similar to the remainder of us.

for the situation of Matt Prokop (who theatre the role of Jimmie Zara, additionally known together “the Rocket” or “Rocketman”) and Jemma McKenzie-Brown (who stars as Tiara Gold), their relationship didn’t grow and also develop right into something deeper and forever. According to reports, the duo dated from June to august 2008.

Rumors around their affair started after sweet picture of castle circulated online. They have been spotted embracing and also holding hands. However, Matt insurance claims that that does not favor to showcase PDA (public displays of affection). After practically three month of gift together, the couple decided to separate ways for an unknown reason. They made decision to keep their lips sealed regarding why they damaged up. Can it be because of one more High school Musical aspirant, sarah Hyland?

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Matt Prokop and also Sarah Hyland’s Relationship

~ his break-up with Jemma, Matt had uncovered love again in the person of buy it Hyland. Their romance very first began earlier in 2008, once they met in ~ an audition for High college Musical 3 – where Matt gained the role of Jimmie, yet Sarah didn’t obtain a spot.

The two then starred in Geek Charming, a Disney Channel original film, in i m sorry Sarah illustrated a gorgeous, well-known girl and also Matt played her knight in bright armor. While Matt was structure a call for himself together a teenager idol through Disney, buy it was do a name for it s her in the sitcom world.

They ultimately moved in with each other and adopted a Maltipoo called Barkley Bixby. When Matt showed up as a guest star on modern Family, whereby Sarah dram Haley Dumphy, in 2012, things flourished even much more serious. He made an appearance in Season 3, illustration 22 as Ethan, Hayley's love interest.

They appeared to it is in the right pair ~ above the surface, yet behind the scenes, they were everything, however it was the complete opposite. The pair parted in 2014 after four years of dating. The people discovered that this wasn't a typical separation in august of the year. Matt was served with a three-year temporary restraining bespeak by Sarah, who declared he to be physically and verbally abusive to her throughout your relationship.

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As proclaimed on the main legal documents, Matt “terrorized she both verbally and physically throughout the last four years of their relationship.” sarah reportedly claimed that throughout one argument, the choked she so tough that she “could not breathe or speak,” and also that he threatened to injury her and also their dog on countless occasions.

Thankfully, the actress to be able to achieve a irreversible restraining order against her ex-partner, staying clear of him native contacting her in any kind of way. In an interview through Meredith Viera quickly after the split, she revealed, “People have to go through things in bespeak to become the human they space today.”

Matt Prokop, Jemma McKenzie-Brown, and Sarah Hyland Now

as you have the right to expect, Hollywood, particularly Disney, shut the door top top Matt as quickly as the claims of abuse were made public. Since 2013, that hasn't appeared in any film or television productions. His most recent acting duty was in the 2013 film, April Apocalypse.

In his society media account, he shows up to be date someone else, back it's unclear whether he's still with his girlfriend. In June this year, his partner shared a snapshot of them together, captioning it with: “Thanks because that being you. You’re perfect.”