If “Brand brand-new Key” to be released in more-modern times, the audience would certainly conclude that it is about bedroom fun. Certainly it regained popular in the 1990s gift featured in a movie which, in a most ways, was around bedroom intimacy. And symbolically, that storyline is based on the addressee, a romantic interest, having actually “a brand brand-new key”. The singer an in similar way has “a brand new pair the roller skates”. And basically, she desires to watch if his vital fits her skates. And for the record, a skate key is an actual object which was essential to the operation of these vehicles ago in the day. Therefore the storyline is focused on the singer seeking out the addressee as he ‘has miscellaneous she needs’.

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Melanie talks around “Brand brand-new Key”

Melanie has actually gone on to state personally the the text aren’t about bumping and also grinding. In reality they concerned her during sort of like an epiphany which emerged after she broke a month-long quick by eating McDonald’s. That is the odor of the Mickey D’s brought about her to have flashbacks to earlier roller-skating experiences. And also at the moment this occurred she remained in her beforehand 20s.

However, this does not mean she didn’t an alert that the lyrics have actually a sexual innuendo. Fairly it was no her intended function to imply such. And also in acknowledgement that “Brand brand-new Key” has actually been construed in miscellaneous ways, she has left it approximately the listener come come up through their own understanding of the tune.

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, the actual tale featured in the song appears innocent enough. The singer is in search of this boy who has become the apologize of she eye. Yet it seems as if the has currently hooked up v someone else, i beg your pardon his mommy is do the efforts to make Melanie aware of. However, she a hard girl, and the idea of providing up the pursuit apparently there is no crossed she mind yet.


Facts about “Brand brand-new Key”

This song came out, via neighborhood Records, throughout October the 1971. The is component of Melanie’s eighth album title “Gather Me”.

“Brand new Key” went to the top of the hot 100, Canada top Singles, Kent Music Report (Australia) and US Cash Box height 100.

Famed singer Olivia Newton-John spanned this song in 2012.

“Brand new Key” make an figure in “Boogie Nights”, a 1997 movie starring note Wahlberg.

Many civilization recognize “Brand new Key” as quite beingentitled ‘The Roller ice scating Song’.

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Melanie to reduce a follow-up track, entitled “Ring the living Bell” (1972), come this song.