Rock Cycle - Minerals (5A)Pre Lab


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OBJECTIVES: Learning that minerals are made of aspects and compounds. Discussing the key attributes of minerals. VOCABULARY: compound facet mineral MATERIALS: Net

Students learn about offers of minerals bylecture and internet.

borate minerals are provided in detergent, steel, and also fiber optic industries

BACKGROUND: Elements and compounds are the structure blocks of minerals. Minerals made of just one facet are called NATIVE minerals (i.e., silver, gold, mercury, copper). Minerals created of compounds are ssuggest referred to as minerals (i.e., quartz, which is consisted of on silsymbol and oxygen). To be classified as a mineral, a substance need to be:

INORGANIC - made from nonliving issue, NATURALLY MADE -commercial diamonds and also so-dubbed "man-made" minerals are not true minerals, CRYSTALLINE - the molecules that consist of the substance are arranged in a collection pattern salt, and also HAVE A DEFINITE CHEMICAL COMPOSITION - no various other chemicals, facets or atoms, can be substituted right into the structure. PROCEDURE: Tbelow are countless recognized minerals. In everyday language, there are many referrals to minerals. Have the students name several of these, and also put them on the board. Here are examples: You need vitamins and also minerals for a healthy body Mineral Oil Mineral Bath Mineral Spring Water
Shampoo enriched via minerals Fortified with minerals Natural energy from minerals Fortified through vitamins and also minerals USDA recommfinished everyday amount of vitamins and also minerals Minerals are necessary in everyday life. Have the students compile a list of minerals and also their uses on the board:

diamonds = jewelry gypsum = supplied in plaster board calcite = provided in cement quartz = watches, making glass and also many type of more. Instruct students to examine their residences and also recognize substances that may contain minerals. Minerals are periodically difficult to identify. The complying with lab centers around those crucial qualities that have the right to assist determine minerals. It also discusses just how some of those characteristics make minerals beneficial specific commodities in our society. Instruct the students to find other provides for minerals by conducting an Net search.

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They will be amazed at exactly how many type of sites are devoted to minerals.