Whenever ns speak in one more country, I start by giving a few words of greeting in the neighborhood tongue. In China, ns didn’t perform such a an excellent job. “Zao,” ns said. Good morning. “Jian.” Thank you. Yet I just couldn’t regulate for inviting me. The audience listened politely and suppressed their smiles. Through the translator i said, “In heaven, we will all speak the same language. We deserve to start right currently with the two words that are the same in every language” hallelujah and also amen! That’s because they are heavenly words. Someday we will certainly gather roughly God’s throne and say together, “Hallelujah! Amen!“

A young other raised his hand and also said in perfect English, “Madam, one more word is the exact same in every language.”

I told him i wasn’t mindful of that. I asked him what that 3rd word was.

He said, “Coca-Cola!”

Something I review in a current Smithsonian newspaper reminded me that that other in China and also the spectre the sitting around God’s throne saying “Hallelujah! Amen! Coca-Cola!” according to the article, “it’s been claimed that the surname Titanic is the third most widely recognized word in the world, after ‘God’ and ‘Coca-Cola"”.

Whoa! currently that’s something I must pause and also think about. ~ above so many levels!


“Each the the redeemed shall forever know and also praise some one aspect of the magnificent beauty much better than any other creature can. Why else were people created, but that God, loving every infinitely, should love every differently?

C.S. Lewis

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