Yo! those up everyone? Im right here with a, admittedly stupid, blog. It’s topic I’ve to be wanting come cover ever due to the fact that I first started seeing pan art the PJO, and also ever due to the fact that the swords to be introduced. In this blog going to cover what form of swords our heroes in reality use. Stuff favor Riptide, Jason’s Gladius, Nico’s Stygian sword, and also even Hazel’s Calvary Saber! oh boy i’m excited for the one.

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This blog was largely inspired because artist don’t seem to actually know what the swords watch like. From our amazingly talented Viria illustration them all prefer Mediaeval Longswords, to part even illustration Riptide prefer a Rapier of all things. I want to do this clear before I acquire into anything. This is not me bashing or mocking any kind of artist because that not understanding the mainly obscure expertise of old World swords. They are all remarkable artist and also a complimentary to take artist license with their works. Men I can’t even draw a circle; ns am certainly not gonna mock someone that Uncle Rick made decision to hire as the official artist. With that claimed let’s continue.

Now before I proceed I believed I’d give some history on the swords of ancient Greece and also Rome. If you’re bored feel complimentary to skip ahead, I desire judge you, i promise! very first let’s start off with the Greeks. Everyone favorite, for part reason, dumpster fire. Kidding but not really.


Swords of old Greece

The human being of old Greece together we understand it to be actually called Mycenaean Greece. The lasted from 1600 BCE to 1100 BCE, and also this period is common where the Myths take place. The is likewise in this period that works choose the Iliad and Odyssey too place. It laid the grounds works for the Olympian Pantheon to flourish and also eventually come to be what we see today. The is a wonderfully rich duration and this brief summery does NOT carry out it justice. I indicate researching the yourself, you could even be surprised, girlfriend think you understand Dionysus? just wait till you discover out about Mycenaean Dionysus. This duration in background was add by one more called the bronze Age. Particularly the late Bronze Age. During this period Greece ended up being a significant player in the Mediterranean, despite it no united choose Rome, and was made up of numerous City-States.

Like the name indicate the Bronze age saw the use of bronze become popular in plenty of tools and weapons. It’s why the Greeks Magic steel is dubbed Celestial bronze in the books. Sorry Underworld Children but there is no historical record of a basis because that Stygian Iron. Now that we’ve acquired that out of the means let’s obtain to the types shall we? an initial of increase we have actually the most popular of Greek Blades. The Xiphos.


The Xiphos to be a small, one handed sword, that hosted a blade that ranged from straight to leaf shaped. It was blade was explained as being a tiny longer then the forearm and the pommel to be very big for a brief sword. The was usually pared with a huge shield referred to as the Aspis. Let’s remember the length and blade shape ok? It’ll be crucial later. Now the Xiphos was offered prominently by the central city claims such as Athens. That was mostly a cutter yet the shape also made it a an extremely effective stabber, due to the fact that yes in spite of what you think, the Greeks knew what stabbing was. They also willingly partook in it; because believe it or not slashing in chop spaces operation the risk of team killing. For every you LOTR it likewise the knife that inspired Sting style wise. The Xiphos was really useful and standard form for part Greek Armies, however it’s absolutely not all the there was. Next we have my favorite blade: the Kopis.


Yes yes girlfriend heard the correct. The Greeks had actually their very own version that the Khopish. This blade is single edged, inward curved, one handed short sword. It was a small longer then the Xiphos, however not by much, and was made popular by the Spartan’s. It’s why you might see a semblance to the blade used by Leonidas in 300. It was additionally called the Spartan Hoplite Sword. It to be a an additional weapon to the Spear and was fantastic cutter. It’s distinct shape, for the time, made the a monster top top the soft tissue of humans. It was mostly used once the spear to be no longer and option and was actually AMAZING versus armor. Favor gods it reduced up stuff real good. Anyways following we have actually the critical of our bunch: the Makhaira sword.


The Makhaira is actually pretty interesting weapon. You didn’t discover them in the hand of soldiers primarily, however Hunters. The Makhaira is a single edged, inward curved, extremely quick sword the was most usual of the the old Greek weapons. It was actually much shorter then the because that forearm, and most used it for skinning animals. That was extremely common. Even an ext than the Xiphos. This was since it to be actually just a an extremely very large knife. It to be used much like the Kopis, however was useless against armored opponents, i m sorry is why Hunters made more use the it than the Soldiers. The holds a heavy resemblance to the Kukri knife that emerged from the Indian Subcontinent. It is it because that the Greeks; how about we jump to those Romans?


Swords of ancient Rome

Rome to be arguable the very first major supermacht in what would come to be Southern Europe. Wicker the roman Republic and also the Roman empire it lasted native 509 BCE till the autumn of the west Roman empire in 476 CE. The Eastern realm would later be referred to as the byzantine Empire. The background of Rome is pure wild and is filled with conquest, polite unrest, and rulers so grand that you would certainly think they had actually to it is in fake. About this time the Iron period was in complete swing; definition that Roman tools were do of Iron. Far better then the soft bronze that their Greek contemporaries were using. The Roman military was by much the pride of the Republic and also Empire. They provided citizen soldiers that were an ext then dazzling to fight and also die because that Rome. It to be a mark of pride. So vital was it that you couldn’t even hold the lowest office the Roman national politics without armed forces service. Even the Emperor was supposed to fight because that Rome on the battlefield after ~ Rome decided democracy to be stupid. Now let’s acquire into the tools of the trade. Very first the one anyone knows. The roman Gladius.


Ah the Gladius. The knife that dominated the world. The Gladius to be a one-handed short-sword. It had actually a huge pommel and also was designed v a very straight blade. It to be massed created to keep the army well stocked. This didn’t average that the tongue was devastating in quality however. Five no it to be terrifying ~ above the fight field. The straight shape made that able come puncture many armors and also its edge to be so sharp some accounts said a roman inn Legionary could chop a body clean off. Yes you heard that right. Romans go not simply thrust. The Gladius was terrific cutter and also their are many historic records of the legions doing simply that. The roman formations just keeps soldiers in chop quarters and slashing risked hurting their other fighters. The blade to be on average about 22 inches long. A little known truth was the their were in reality many varieties of Gladius.


This chart mirrors the 5 Gladius species that we know of. Together you can see each one played v blade shape, with the Gladius Hispaniensis and also Gladius Mainz being much more leaf-bladed choose the Xiphos. Most historians believed it come be since of the Romans do the efforts to enhance on the initial design, to varying degrees of effect, but still preserving the straightforward to mass developed shape overall. Now for the following Roman Blade. The Spatha.

The Spatha resembled the Gladius in almost every aspect except for 2 things. It to be longer and thinner climate the Gladius. It to be a Calvary Saber actually and also was not supplied on foot it spins the so late Gaul Wars and wars v the Celtic people of Britain. There are also some theory’s that blade would actually construct into the Viking sword due to the fact that of their similar looks. The Spatha was in reality a far better cutter climate it was stabber. This to be probably due to the fact that of the speed put behinds that blows from being on steed back. When it came to be the brand-new sword of selection for the Roman empire the blade to be made simply a bit wider and tip much more tapered to adjust for its weaker thrust. It i will not ~ be enough to stop King Alaric and his Visigoths from sacking the empire however.

Now due to the fact that of the mass production of swords these two chisels were the only ones the Romans, both together a republic and an empire, ever created. Their designs were an easy as their function was simple. Kill. It did it’s project obviously. Just go look at a map that the roman Empire.


Now lets get this blog to everyone’s favourite Heroes. We will cover the tools of Percy Jackson, Jason Grace, Nico Di Angelo, and also Hazel Levesque.

I will certainly be spanning these four as they space the just ones that offers swords as their primary weapons, and also the ones ns see v their weapons looking vastly different. We will be doing this in stimulate of appearance because that simplicity sake, therefore let’s start with the guy that started it all, Percy Jackson.


(Art by Viria)

Here I’ve contained to images of our favorite sea child, no he handsome, that best show his well known sword Riptide. Now as we deserve to see the tongue is long and also straight. The the cross-guard is an extremely wide and also has come prongs. The also an extremely thick. The hilt is little and can barely fit a hand and half. Viria has largely drawn Riptide as a medieval European sword. A broadsword if I had to be specific. Currently why i love Viria, that isn’t really historically canon, and also not really publication canon either. Riptide is described as a quick blade in ~ 3 feet long, which has the hilt, and weighs around 5 pounds. Double in the series, the child of Neptune and also Son that Sobek, the blade has been described as leaf-bladed. Once by future Praetor open minded Zhang and the Pharaoh Cater Kane. Percy is claimed to fight with damaging slashes, sometimes backed v his powers, and the blade is said to piece armor. A short, leaf-bladed, knife that’s terrific at slashing. Currently what does that sound like? If girlfriend guessed Xiphos you room correct! donate with proof from percy training in the books, appearances in Lightning Thief, boy of Neptune, and Son of Sobek we have the right to make a reasonably accurate guess on come Riptide being a standard Xiphos. Now here’s something funny. Viria’s illustrations may not show precise Riptide, yet you recognize what does?

(Art through Viria and also Minuiko respectively)

Here I’ve consisted of two illustrations of Nico Di Angelo that best let’s us see his weapon the choice. Viria appeared to have taken the european sword route again, i beg your pardon who deserve to blame she that’s much less complicated for recommendation images, and also Minuiko has chosen a more short sword look to the sword. It appears to resemble a Gladius actually. Nico’s blade has actually been described by Percy together “Black together a nightmare and also truly terrifying”, i beg your pardon is good and edgy, but not that descriptive. It is stated to have actually a pass out purple glow and is able come suck the end the essence of its victims. Now Nico’s sword is actually a pretty lot of a mystery and the hardest to pen down. We don’t understand WHERE it came from, just how he acquired it, or even WHO provided it to him. He simply kinda reappears in the fight of The Labyrinth with it. It’s in reality kinda annoying.

You’ll make Trials that Apollo however not tell us how Nico made it through alone and mastered his abilities? Rick provide us the Di Angelo Chronicles girlfriend c o w a r d

What we’re left to base on is how Nico fights v the sword. I m sorry again in reality isn’t much. You check out Nico isn’t really lot a front line fighter. He is actually displayed to usage his sword to summon skeletons much more than in reality fighting. It’s actually unknown if the sword has actually necromancy prefer Nico or not, yet Gaia was able to trick Hazel into think the blade to be Nico to tempt her right into a trap, so perhaps that’s telling.

Now over there has however been a huge surge of Kopis and Makhaira execution of the sword in the fandom. Even the official wiki has one because that the blade’s abysmal wiki page. Currently I don’t know if it’s since “edgy” characters have to have single bladed tools or because people have actually looked increase the blades, but’s absolutely refreshing. Ns vote for an ext Kopis blades.

If I check out Nico with a katana ns gonna scream don’t you execute it girlfriend weebs

Now for everyone’s favorite dead son of Jupiter. Jason Grace.


(Art by Viria)

Here’s the best picture of the dead son by Viria. It’s largely like Nico’s and also Percy’s swords however with a really thick hilt. Now Jason’s is far much more easy to pen down, because unlike everyone else Jason didn’t have actually one sword, he had actually TWO the them. The coin IVLVIS and Juno’s Gladius. Yes that what’s the called, yes I know it’s dumb, please don’t yell at me. In reality we will certainly focus more on IVLVIS due to the fact that the 2nd has the kind of knife in the name. IVLVIS was explained as gift 2 feet long, perhaps nearing 3 through the hilt, and also having a straight blade with a razor spicy edge. It could call down lightning and could additionally become Javelins. Now we actually see how big the sword is native the MoA covering art.

(Art by john Rocco)

He does part really an excellent work besides the publication covers actually. Y’all better credit him now, cause he’s most likely the one who attracted the very first art of the characters, and also I didn’t forget the comments.

Now yes the technically is Juno’s Gladius, however Jason evidenced that both blades were practically identical in your making. Jason generally used the knife for calling under lighting and also was shown to be an extremely stab happy because of his roman training. This has presented to be very effective v IVLVIS meaning that the blade, taking account for the size and also weight as well, is a Gladius. Let’s move on to Hazel chandelier we?

Hazel’s Calvary Saber

(Art through Viria)

Here we have actually the best snapshot to analysis the fandom version of Hazel’s sword. Viria in reality draws a reasonably accurate Calvary Saber native the 20 century. It’s extremely curved, single edge, blade with a guard the covers the knuckles. Now yes this is fairly accurate come 20th century Calvary Sabers, however not Hazel’s. Hazel’s sword has been defined as much longer then BOTH ILVIS and Riptide. The entirety sword borders on 4 feet if you incorporate the hilt. The overcome guard is little and barely covers the totality of you hand. That supposedly awkward come wield top top foot and is good at cutting/thrusting. It has actually a straight blade that provides Hazel more reach then various other members the the Legion.

When paired with Arion the knife is a true force to be reckoned with. Hazel deserve to shred most people with it and also doesn’t have actually to get in to close since of the length. Through this info I think it’s for sure to assume the Hazel’s tongue is a roman inn Spatha. The means it’s used, it’s description as a Calvary blade, and also it’s actually measurements seems to do Spatha the most cautious choice.

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That’s everyone! i hope you enjoyed!

This blog was mostly unneeded and dumb, yet it’s other I want to talk around for awhile. I’ll more than likely cringe at it later and it’s no well worded however I hope you every learned something!

I desire to near this the end by saying the you can draw the swords but you want. That your fan art. It’s your talent. Don’t let part dude top top amino of all locations tell girlfriend what to attract just because it doesn’t complement with his guess job-related on the obscure subject of demigod weapons. This blog to be made to talk around the background and possible classifications of weapons. Don’t let anyone tell friend what come draw, uneven they’re payment you, and don’t bully anyone that doesn’t attract your head canon the the swords. Head canon does not equal canon. I think us all have to remember that from time to time.